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What does Colour up mean?

What does Colour up mean?

To color up is to exchange a large number of poker chips for a smaller number of chips of a higher denomination, but of course keeping the total value of the chipstack the same. This is typically done when a player has had a good session and has won a lot of chips at a table.

What do you mean by shut up?

to stop talking
Definition of shut up transitive verb. : to cause (a person) to stop talking. intransitive verb. : to cease writing or speaking.

What does color me out mean?

Color out: This is what you’d tell a dealer you want to do when you’re ready to trade smaller-denomination chips for larger-denomination chips and leave the table.

When should you color up?

Colouring up occurs at regular intervals (often at the start of a break) in order to ensure there are no overly small chip denominations in play. The smallest wager required in any game is the size of the ante, so it doesn’t make sense to have any chip denominations smaller than this.

What does color me crazy mean?

An exclamation used to indicate some particular emotion or condition. You did the dishes and cleaned your room? Well, color me amazed—I never thought the day would come! A: “See?

What does color me shocked mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcolor me surprised/confused/embarrassed etccolor me surprised/confused/embarrassed etcAmerican English spoken informal used to say that you are very surprised, confused etc by something ‘Color me amazed!’

What does color up mean blackjack?

COLOR UP. If you’ve had a particularly good session (with stacks of winning chips in front of you) and you want to quit playing, tell the dealer you want to “color up.” The dealer will take your chips, count them, and then give you an equivalent value of higher-denomination chips.

What does it mean to Colour up blackjack?

When you’re playing Blackjack or another table game at a casino, it’s good etiquette to color up before you leave the table. Coloring up is when you exchange all of your low-denomination chips for higher-denomination ones.

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