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What does dolichocephalic head mean?

What does dolichocephalic head mean?

Medical Definition of dolichocephalic : having a relatively long head with a cephalic index of less than 75. Other Words from dolichocephalic.

What race has dolichocephalic skull?

top; such skulls are called dolichocephalic and are typical of Australian aborigines and native southern Africans.

Is dolichocephalic head normal?

Dolichocephaly (derived from the Ancient Greek δολιχός ‘long’ and κεφαλή ‘head’) is a condition where the head is longer than would be expected, relative to its width. In humans, scaphocephaly is a form of dolichocephaly….

Brachycephaly and dolichocephaly
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Are Europeans Dolichocephalic?

Dolichocephaly, according to Retzius, was the distinctive cranial feature of the earliest inhabitants of Europe. To-day it is characteristic of the negro races, of the Papuans, the Polynesians and the Australians, though among the negritos and some of the pigmy races of Africa brachycephalic skulls are the rule.

What is the difference between Dolichocephalic and brachycephalic?

Humans are characterized by having either a dolichocephalic (long-headed), mesaticephalic (moderate-headed), or brachycephalic (short-headed) cephalic index or cranial index.

Can dolichocephaly be fixed?

Some mild cases of dolichocephaly and other instances of misshapen skulls will not require treatment, as they will generally just resolve as your baby grows. In cases of moderate or severe skull deformity, therapies and other interventions may be necessary.

What dogs are dolichocephalic?

Dolichocephalic breeds are those with extremely long skulls. Their noses are long and slender. Dolichocephalic dog breeds include Greyhounds, Collies, Setters, Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds and Great Danes. Mesocephalic dog breeds possess skulls of intermediate length and width.

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