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What does Exemplative mean?

What does Exemplative mean?

Serving as or providing a typical example
Serving as or providing a typical example.

Which is exemplified synonym?

exemplify. extract. get down to brass tacks. give as example. illustrate with.

What is the opposite of exemplified?

Opposite of to be, or serves as, a typical example or representation of. conceal. confuse. cover. distort.

What does it mean to exemplify someone?

Definition of exemplify transitive verb. 1 : to show or illustrate by example anecdotes exemplifying those virtues. 2 : to make an attested copy or transcript of (a document) under seal. 3a : to be an instance of or serve as an example : embody she exemplifies the qualities of a good leader.

Is Emplify a word?

Emplify is a Fishers, Indiana-based privately held Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with headquarters in the Nickel Plate District. Its employee engagement solution uses mobile apps to provide employees with a platform to access company information and voice feedback to company executives.

How do you use exemplifies in a sentence?

Exemplifies sentence example

  1. He also admits himself that mental evolution exemplifies integration of matter and dissipation of motion only indirectly.
  2. Further, his rule exemplifies what is characteristic of all the Greek tyrannies – the advantage which the ancient monarchy had over the republican form of government.

How do you exemplify something?

If you exemplify something, you’re the perfect example of it. Say you wear frilly shirts, knee-high boots, and black eye-make-up — you exemplify the fashion world’s obsession with pirates. Exemplifying something can also mean make it clearer by offering an illustration or an example.

What part of speech is exemplify?

verb (used with object), ex·em·pli·fied, ex·em·pli·fy·ing.

What is an example of exemplify?

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