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What does it mean when someone says brass tacks?

What does it mean when someone says brass tacks?

Definition of get down to brass tacks : to start to discuss or consider the most important details or facts about something We finally got down to brass tacks and decided to work out a schedule for the project.

Is the saying brass tax or brass tacks?

The proper spelling of this expression is “brass tacks” not “brass tax.” If you want to “get down to brass tacks,” that means to get down to the core of something or to get down to the issue or task at hand.

Where does the saying let’s get down to brass tacks come from?

Origin of the Phrase ‘Get Down to Brass Tacks’ First, brass-headed tacks function as fabric tools in the furniture industry. They were common during the Tudor period. Some argue that the phrase comes from the idea of removing all the tacks and coverings before reupholstering the items.

Is brass Tacks Cockney rhyming slang?

One other intriguing theory, however, suggests that “brass tacks” is actually Cockney rhyming slang. Rhyming slang, originally a “secret language” of the London criminal underworld, uses unrelated words and phrases (“trouble and strife”) to stand in for the word actually meant (in this classic example, “wife”).

What does brass tacks mean urban?

Definition of brass tacks : details of immediate practical importance —usually used in the phrase get down to brass tacks.

What is a brass in Cockney?

Brass is Cockney slang for Prostitute.

Why are brasses called brasses?

“Brass” in this context puzzles me, but Wiktionary suggests (see “Translations”) that it can be a slang term for a prostitute. That seems the most likely interpretation of the ones I can find. I think brasses is Cockney rhyming slang for prostitutes: “brass nail” => tail.

What does brass up mean?

(slang) To pay a debt or hand over money.

Why is a hooker called a tom?

According to the O.E.D of Slang, it comes from Australia, is applied to women from the obsolete ‘Tom-tart’, rhyming slang for sweetheart.

Why are prostitutes known as brasses?

Prostitute. BRASS is also used to mean prostitute. This way of referring to a sex worker probably stems from the Cockney rhyming slang “brass flute,” meaning prostitute.

Why are bosses called brass?

Leaders of the 19th century British army wore pieces of metal called oak leaves on their hats. The metal brass has a color similar to that of gold. So a leader or commander came to be called a member of the brass.

Where’s the brass meaning?

UK saying. said to mean that a lot of money can be made from business activities that are dirty or unpleasant.

Why is a fiver called a Jacks?

Jack is much used in a wide variety of slang expressions. jacks = five pounds, from cockney rhyming slang: jack’s alive = five. Not used in the singular for in this sense, for example a five pound note would be called a ‘jacks’.

Why do prostitutes get called toms?

What is a brass person?

noun. (uncountable, informal) A brave or foolhardy attitude. You’ve got a lot of brass telling me to do that! noun. (slang, dated) Money.

Where there’s muck there’s Money meaning?

This page is about the saying “Where there’s muck there’s money” Possible meaning: There is money to be made in dirt and dirty jobs. For example, many people have made fortunes by processing rubbish or waste materials.

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