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What does lateral mean in real estate?

What does lateral mean in real estate?

The right of a landowner to the natural support of his land by adjoining land. The adjoining owner has the duty not to change his land (such as lowering it) so as to cause this support to be weakened or removed.

What is the right of lateral support?

The right of lateral support is a common-law doctrine embodying the principle that the owner of land has a right in having their soil in its natural condition remain in its natural position without being caused to fall away by excavations or improvements made on adjoining land.

What is a lateral support in construction?

Lateral support exists when the adjoining lands are side-by-side. It is the right of the land to be naturally upheld by its neighboring land(s) and supported against subsidence, i.e. slippage, cave-in or landslide. Subjacent support exists when the adjoining lands are above and below.

What refers to the right to have one’s property supported from beneath the surface?

Lateral and subjacent support, in the law of property, describes the right a landowner has to have that land physically supported in its natural state by both adjoining land and underground structures.

What is it called when the government can take your property but they must pay a fair price for it?

Eminent domain allows the government to take private land for public purposes only if the government provides fair compensation to the property owner.

What is a right of support?

the right of a landowner to have his buildings supported by his neighbour’s house or other structure.

What is the purpose of lateral support?

Lateral Trunk Supports are necessary to provide specific support to the lateral aspects of the trunk to: Correct (prevent further progression of) his/her right lateral lean (scoliosis) due to trunk weakness (abnormal tone, poor motor control, poor endurance, fatigue, pain, other);

What are horizontal loads?

Horizontal Load The load applied on structure in a horizontal direction. Horizontal loads are on the x-axis. This load is very effectual because most of the structure is design for vertical force. In this situation, if the horizontal load is applied on structure.

What is meant by Subjacent?

Definition of subjacent : lying under or below also : lower than though not directly below hills and subjacent valleys.

What is hereditament law?

(ˌhɛrɪˈdɪtəmənt ) noun property law. 1. any kind of property capable of being inherited.

What is a hereditament for council tax?

(i) Hereditament is defined in section 115(1) of the General Rate Act 1967 as being, “property which is or may become liable to a rate, being a unit of such property which is, or would fall to be, shown as a separate item in the valuation list”.

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