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What does mumu mean in Hawaii?

What does mumu mean in Hawaii?

The word muʻumuʻu means “cut off” in Hawaiian, because the dress originally lacked a yoke. Originally it was a shorter, informal version of the more formal holokū. Holokū was the original name for the Mother Hubbard dress introduced by Protestant missionaries to Hawaii in the 1820s.

What does muumuu mean?

Definition of muumuu : a loose often long dress having bright colors and patterns and adapted from the dresses originally distributed by missionaries to the native women of Hawaii.

Who created Mumu?

Show Me Your Mumu founders Cologne Schmidt and Cammy Hebert. Show Me Your Mumu founders Cologne Schmidt and Cammy Hebert. The design studios overlook the warehouse and production space. Just another day in Mumuland.

What is another word for mumu?

What is another word for muumuu?

tog dress
housecoat peignoir
bathrobe kimono
negligee negligée
kanzu dolman

Who is mu mu?

Mumu (or momo), a ghost or monster in Philippine mythology. The UK band The KLF were previously known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. Moo-Moo, a chain of buffet restaurants in Moscow, Russia. Mumu or Muma is the Old Irish for the province of Munster.

What does a mumu look like?

The muumuu is decorated with brightly colored patterns that reflect the Hawaiian tropical island feel, like bird of paradise flowers, ginger blossoms, orchids, hibiscus, palm fronds and more. For weddings or on Sundays, you may see a more formal version of the muumuu that is all white.

How do you pronounce muumuu in Hawaiian?

The modern spelling of the noun referring to the loose unbelted dress is muumuu, not moomoo, moo-moo, mumu, or mu-mu. The spelling is derived from the Hawaiian mu’umu’u, which in Hawaiian is properly pronounced moo-oomoo-oo.

What is the difference between a caftan and a mumu?

Technically, according to Vogue, a caftan (or kaftan) is a “narrow cut, long robe with full sleeves, either with a deep open neck or fully open to the floor,” with origins in ancient Mesopotamia. The muumuu comes from Hawaii, and the word means “cut off” ― a reference to the original garment’s yoke-less neckline.

What is the main idea of mumu?

Mumu, therefore, is an intense exploration of serfdom and the position of the Russian peasantry. Gerasim, the main character, is meant to represent the Russian peasant at his most raw: strong but mute, submissive yet resistant.

Where does mumu come from?

The muumuu has a colorful, interesting history in the Hawaiian Islands. The story of the muumuu begins with the arrival of the Christian Protestant missionaries in the 1820s.

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