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What does the Pentadactyl limb show?

What does the Pentadactyl limb show?

This structure is known as the pentadactyl (five fingered) limb. This suggests that many vertebrates descended from the same common ancestor. Although the limbs of crocodiles, birds, whales, horses, bats and humans all look very different they share the same five fingered bone structure.

What feature is a Pentadactyl limb?

A limb with five digits, characteristic of tetrapod vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). It evolved from the paired fins of primitive fish as an adaptation to locomotion on land and is not found in modern fish.

How does the Pentadactyl limb show evolution?

The evolutionary explanation of the pentadactyl limb is simply that all the tetrapods have descended from a common ancestor that had a pentadactyl limb and, during evolution, it has turned out to be easier to evolve variations on the five-digit theme, than to recompose the limb structure.

Why are Pentadactyl limbs homologous?

The pentadactyl limbs that tetrapods far and wide all have are examples of homologous structures. The term refers to similarities among species that are inherited from common ancestors.

When did the Pentadactyl limb evolve?

about 350 Ma
Transition to a pentadactyl ground state is first observed in the limb of Pederpes fossils of the Carboniferous period, about 350 Ma [56]. It is still not known exactly when or even how many times digit number was reduced to five.

How is each Pentadactyl limb used?

Many pentadactyl tetrapods use limbs for locomotion, such as walking, running, flying, climbing, digging and swimming. Some use their front and/or hind limbs to tear, grasp, carry and/or manipulate objects. In each species, the limb has evolved to fulfill its job; its form enables its function.

Is the Pentadactyl limb an analogous structure?

What is the Pentadactyl limb used for in whales and dolphins?

This adaptation allows animals to fly, pick up in animate objects, to extend and stretch with a wide range of motion; some marine species have mastered this ability and are able to swim great distences with ease.

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