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What does Tom Schwartz do for work?

What does Tom Schwartz do for work?

Tom Schwartz Net Worth: Tom Schwartz is an American reality television personality, bartender, and actor who has a net worth of $4 million. Tom Schwartz is best known for being a cast member of the Bravo TV reality series Vanderpump Rules. He has been a cast member since 2013.

What was Tom Schwartz job before Tomtom?

Prior to working in the entertainment industry, Schwartz worked in the wine and spirit business for several years. During this time, he developed a real passion for quality wines. It is something that he wants to get back into in the future.

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie still married?

Despite their separation, Katie and Tom are still living together. “We still live together, so it’s not that awkward,” he told E! News in April 2022. “Even though we’re divorced, I still have a deep love and admiration for her.” The pair confirmed their split on March 22, 2022, when Katie officially filed for divorce.

What is Tom Schwartz real name?


Full Name Thomas William Schwartz
Age 39 years old
Date Of Birth October 16, 1982
Birth Place Woodbury, Washington County, Minnesota, USA
Nationality American

Why did Tom and Katie get divorced?

‘” Katie said her decision to divorce Tom was based on several factors, but the “this” her loved ones referenced had to do with Tom’s apparent inability to evolve. As she put it, “You sit around and wait for someone to start behaving differently or act right.

Where does Tom Sandoval get his money from?

Tom Sandoval’s net worth: $4 million Celebrity Net Worth pegs his net worth at $4 million. That’s The Young and the Restless kind of money! We can only assume his TomTom business venture, his successful cocktail book and new home has contributed to this.

Do the Toms actually work at TomTom?

Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz announced their plans for a new joint project. TomTom’ new restaurant is officially in the works. After finding success with TomTom, a bar named after their friendship which also doubles as a filming location for the show, they are teaming up again.

What nationality is Tom Schwartz?

AmericanTom Schwartz / Nationality

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