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What ecosystems are in the Pacific Ocean?

What ecosystems are in the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean ecosystem is important because it includes almost one-third of the surface of the Earth. Because it’s large, many smaller ecosystems exist in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem, including kelp forests, coral reefs, atolls, and abyssal water columns.

What type of marine ecosystem would you find bordering the state of California?

the Pacific Ocean
California borders the Pacific Ocean, which makes up almost half of the world’s ocean area and is home to much of the planet’s biodiversity.

What do the ocean and coastal ecosystems provide?

1 Introduction. Coastal and estuarine ecosystems deliver a wide range of goods and services, many of which provide material benefits such as food supply, regulation of water-quality processes, storm protection, and carbon storage.

What are ecosystem services of the ocean?

Ocean Ecosystem Goods and Services at Risk: aesthetic; and spiritual. The ocean supports economic activity, including jobs, fisheries, food, marine transportation, trade, fuel, and energy. The ocean supports nutrient cycling and primary production.

What is the biodiversity of the Pacific Ocean?

The ocean provides: Pacific Ocean biodiversity feeds us and the world: 70% of the global fish catch is from the Pacific! The ocean supports: without coral reefs, our island shores would wash away. The Pacific has the most coral reef species in the world.

What is the largest marine ecosystem?

the Great Barrier Reef
Coral reefs are one of the most well-known marine ecosystems in the world, with the largest being the Great Barrier Reef.

Which one of the large marine ecosystems is most at risk from coastal eutrophication?

European Regional Seas. Within Europe, regional seas such as the Baltic Sea, the Wadden Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea suffer currently strong adverse impacts of eutrophication, which will be further exacerbated by climate change.

What are examples of a coastal ecosystem?

Examples of coastal ecosystems include bays, estuaries, mangroves, salt marshes and wetlands. Many fish, turtles and migratory birds nest in coastal areas because of the large amount of food and also because they are protected from some of the dangers of the deep ocean.

What are the 3 ecosystems in the ocean?

These include the open ocean, the deep-sea ocean, and coastal marine ecosystems, each of which has different physical and biological characteristics.

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