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What ended Mickey Mantles career?

What ended Mickey Mantles career?

Mantle was hospitalized with an abscessed hip resulting from a flu shot that he had received late in the season, leaving Maris to break the record (he finished with 61). Mantle finished with 54 home runs while leading the American league in runs scored and walks.

When did Bob Costas interview Mickey Mantle?

Yankee slugger MICKEY MANTLE is interviewed on LATER WITH BOB COSTAS which aired on October 20th, 1991.Facebook: ClevelandLiveMusicSoundcloud: Cleveland…

Did Mickey Mantle get hurt in 1961?

September 25, 1961 – Mickey Mantle was hurting down the September stretch, costing him a chance to catch Babe Ruth. In addition to a pulled forearm muscle and his omnipresent leg injuries, Mantle had a heavy head cold, a respiratory infection and an eye infection that lingered throughout the month.

Did Mickey Mantle have 2 liver transplants?

His wife, Merlyn, and son David were at his bedside. On June 8, Mantle underwent a transplant operation to replace a liver ravaged by cancer, hepatitis and cirrhosis. At the time, doctors said he would die within two to three weeks if he did not receive a new organ.

What happened Bob Kostis?

Costas left HBO to sign with MLB Network in February 2009. On April 23, 2021, it was announced that Costas would be returning to HBO to host a quarter-yearly interview show called Back on the Record.

Where was Mickey Mantle’s funeral?

the Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
The Yankees’ icon’s funeral was held at the Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, and was attended by over 1200 family, friends, teammates and fans. Country artist Roy Clark sang his song “Yesterday, When I Was Young,” fulfilling a promise he made to Mantle.

Did Mickey Mantle use drugs?

I never did drugs but alcohol hurt my career terribly,” Mantle wrote in the letter. “So to everyone out there especially young people, little leaguers etc. ‘Don’t end up over the hill before you even start to climb it. ‘ Makes us all proud of you.

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