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What generation is Paperwhite 3?

What generation is Paperwhite 3?

Generation 7th
Kindle serial numbers

Kindle model (Release year) Generation
Kindle model (Release year) Kindle Basic 2 (2016) Generation 8th
Kindle model (Release year) Kindle Oasis (2016) Generation 8th
Kindle model (Release year) Kindle Paperwhite 3 (2015) Generation 7th
Kindle model (Release year) Kindle Voyage (2014) Generation 7th

Is Kindle Paperwhite worth the extra money?

The extra money that you’d have to spend for the Paperwhite gets you a sharper screen, more storage, a slightly higher-end design, water resistance, a better front light, and potentially cellular connectivity. Whether those things are worth it will largely depend on when, where, what and how much you plan to read.

What year is Paperwhite 3?

The third-iteration Kindle Paperwhite, marketed as the “All-New Kindle Paperwhite” and colloquially referred to as the Paperwhite 3 and Paperwhite 2015, was released on June 30, 2015, in the US.

Is Kindle basic good?

The basic Kindle still lacks some of the more advanced features of the Kindles further up the range (of course it does, otherwise Amazon wouldn’t be able to sell the more expensive ones) but nothing that would seriously get in the way of the enjoyment of a good book.

Is Kindle Paperwhite 3 the same as 7th generation?

Amazon has just released a new e-reader and it goes by many names. Some people are referring to it as the 7th generation Kindle, while Amazon has dubbed it the all new Kindle Paperwhite, while still others are calling it the Paperwhite 3.

How much is a basic Kindle?

The 10th-gen Kindle is Amazon’s most affordable e-reader, and as such, it usually retails for $89.99. Released in 2019, the base Kindle includes a front light, 8GB of storage, and comes with or without ad support.

Does basic Kindle have backlight?

Definitely a yes for us! The latest Kindle basic 2019 has now been upgraded with one of the most sought-after feature – the backlight.

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