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What happens in Season 1 of The Good Wife?

What happens in Season 1 of The Good Wife?

The Good Wife season 1 follows the story of Alicia Florrick, wife of the Cook County Illinois State Attorney, Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). Following her husband’s notorious political corruption and sex scandal, which lands Peter in prison, Alicia must work hard to rebuild a life for her and her two teenage children.

What is the good wife spinoff?

The Good FightThe Good Wife / Spin-off

Was the good wife Cancelled?

The Good Wifecreators Robert and Michelle King recently explained the final scene of the CBS series and revealed an alternate ending, TVLine reports. The legal drama ended last night after seven seasons.

Who does Alicia end up with in the good wife?

Alicia Florrick
Spouse Peter Florrick
Significant other Will Gardner (lover, deceased) Jason Crouse (formerly)
Children Zach Florrick (son) Grace Florrick (daughter)
Relatives Jackie Florrick (mother-in-law)

What happens in The Good Wife season 2?

The second season follows Alicia, now a full-time employee at Lockhart & Gardner, while still juggling her private life and her professional life. Most of the plot focuses on the arrival of Derrick Bond, who becomes a partner at the firm, changing the lives of the characters forever.

What drug is Diane Lockhart taking?

She’s stuck in a cycle of unabated anger and relentless helplessness. At her wits’ end, Diane does what any person in her situation would do and begins experimenting with psilocybin during The Good Fight’s second season.

Why did Julianna leave The Good Wife?

Margulies is perhaps best known for her work as nurse Carol Hathaway opposite George Clooney’s Dr. Doug Ross on NBC’s “ER,” which ran from 1994 to 2009 – though she departed after 2000 to pursue other work, despite a two-year contract renewal offer of $27 million. She writes that media eviscerated her at the time.

Why did Diane slap Alicia at the end of The Good Wife?

Unlike her husband, Alicia is not getting slapped for sleeping with prostitutes. Rather, Diane slaps her because Alicia (during cross-examination at Peter’s trial) undermined Diane’s husband, making him look unreliable and not credible, in hopes of saving Peter from going to jail.

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