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What is a 2-3 search tree?

What is a 2-3 search tree?

In computer science, a 2–3 tree is a tree data structure, where every node with children (internal node) has either two children (2-node) and one data element or three children (3-nodes) and two data elements.

What is a 2-3 tree used for?

2-3 trees were developed as a data structure which supports efficient search, insertion and deletion operations. In a 2-3 tree, each tree node contains either one or two keys, and all leaves are at the same level. An interesting parameter for storage space is the number of nodes of a 2-3 tree with N keys.

How do you get rid of a tree in 2-3?

To delete a value, it is replaced by its in-order successor and then removed. If a node is left with less than one data value then two nodes must be merged together. If a node becomes empty after deleting a value, it is then merged with another node.

What are the properties of 2/3 trees explain insert and deletion operations on 2-3 trees?

Properties of a 2-3 Tree:- A node containing two data parts can only be a 3 node with exactly 3 children. All leaf nodes are always at the same level. A 2-3 tree is always a height balanced tree. Search operations are fast and efficient in a 2-3 tree.

How do you delete a node in a 2-3-4 tree?

Deletion in 2-3-4 Tree

  1. Start searching for the node containing the element that we are going to delete.
  2. If the element is in a leaf node (delete it).
  3. If the element is not in a leaf node, note down the node and continue finding the leaf that contains the element’s predecessor or successor.

What are 2-3-4 trees used for?

2-3-4 trees are self-balancing and usually are usually very efficient for finding, adding and deleting elements, so like all trees they can be used for storing and retrieving elements in non-linear order.

How are nodes organized is a 2-3-4 tree?

How are nodes organized is a 2-3-4 tree? The data items in a node are arranged in ascending key order from left to right. The data items in a node are numbered as 0, 1 and 2 for convenience. Following is the principle by which nodes are organized in a 2-3-4 tree.

How do you delete a node in a 2-3 4 tree?

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