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What is a 2 zoning in Philadelphia?

What is a 2 zoning in Philadelphia?

I-2 districts are primarily intended to accommodate light industrial uses, moderate-impact uses, and employment activities such as manufacturing, distribution, processing, industrial parks, and other activities that may generate noise, odor, vibration, after hours activities, or traffic impacts well beyond the subject …

What is zoning SF-2?

Single Family – 2 Zoning District (SF-2) The SF-2, Single-Family Residential district is intended as an area for low density residential uses in a semi-rural to rural environment. The minimum lot size of one (1) acre. The maximum base density is 0.8 dwelling units per gross acre.

What does R2 zoning mean in California?

Two-Unit Residential
R-2 (Two-Unit Residential) Zoning District. The R-2 Zoning District is intended to provide for areas appropriate for a maximum of two residential dwelling units (i.e., duplexes) located on a single legal lot.

What is cmx1 zoning in Philadelphia?

CMX-1 buildings are designated by the Philadelphia Zoning Code for “accommodate low-impact, small-scale, neighborhood-serving retail and service uses in storefront buildings, as well as the types of residential uses allowed in surrounding zoning districts.”

What does zoning SF mean?

The intent of the single-family one (SF-1) district is to maintain and create an environment which meets the community needs for single-family dwellings with small accessory apartments, by restricting other uses within the district and by establishing a minimum lot size. ( Ord. 2824 § 2 (Exh.

What is R SF zoning?

R-SF | Residential Single Family. Established to provide for traditional single-family subdivisions and/or maintain areas in the County for traditional single-family residential uses, such areas, in general, do not presently contain mobile or manufactured homes, duplexes or multi-family dwelling developments.

Can you still build a single-family home in California?

Gavin Newsom has officially ended the over 100-year scourge of single-family-only zoning in California. Single-family-only zoning laws make it illegal to build anything but a single-family home on a particular lot of land. Now (with small exceptions like for fire-prone areas) it is also legal to build duplexes.

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