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What is a cotillion class?

What is a cotillion class?

Cotillion is typically a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children that ends with a final dinner-dance where they get to show off what they’ve learned.

What do Cotillion classes teach?

The cotillion three-year curriculum includes elocution; proper seating; how to be a polite guest; introducing yourself; how to compliment someone sincerely; greeting people; how to make a proper toast, and dances, such as the waltz, cha-cha and swing.

What age is cotillion for?

Typically a southern American tradition, a cotillion ball is a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children (ages 11 — 13). This season ends with a final dinner-dance where proud parents and teachers gather to watch the participants show off their table manners, conversation etiquette, and dance moves.

What age is Junior cotillion?

The Junior Cotillion program is designed for 6th-8th grade students.

Do they still have cotillions?

In the contemporary United States, they are sometimes known as debutante cotillion balls and are held for middle schoolers as a chance to teach manners. In Brazil, this practice has disappeared in almost every city with the exception of Porto Alegre (capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern state of Brazil).

How do you get to cotillion?

Proposed new Members must meet residency or school requirements. In order to be a Member of Cotillion Club of Sarasota, children must be in the 8th grade or higher, obtain a sponsor, reside or attend school in Sarasota County, and attend new Member orientation before their first season begins.

Are there debutante balls in California?

The Las Madrinas Ball has been described as “the oldest and most prestigious” debutante ball in the Los Angeles area and as “the most impressive debutante ball in Southern California”. It is held in December each year and is the traditional starting event of the Los Angeles social season.

How do you join cotillion?

Visit the Chapter page of our site and you can search for a chapter near you by State and County, or browse through your state to find chapters in your area. Once you find the chapter you would like to register for, you will see options to do so.

How much does debutante cost?

A Debutante Fee of $500.00 is required from the parent(s) of each debutante. This donation is given to the Legion of Young Polish Women to cover costs associated with the Presentation. The Fee also covers the debutante’s Ball ticket.

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