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What is a crowdsourced post?

What is a crowdsourced post?

A crowdsourced post is a type of post featuring multiple industry experts. You’ll typically provide a compelling question or engaging topic for discussion (relevant to your target audience) and reach out to the experts asking them to share their insights/opinion.

How do you crowdsource a blog?

Send out a friendly Tweet, email, or other type of message to let your crowd know that the blog is published. Encourage those who contributed to the blog post to respond to the eventual blog comments as well.

How do I post to crowdsourcing?

4 ways to gather great content

  1. Create weekly recurring posts to encourage sharing. Asking members to share their photos every week is a great way to bring people closer and gather great content.
  2. Ask your members what they like seeing in the group.
  3. Use challenges to engage your community.
  4. Use questions to gather content.

What is crowdsourced content?

What Does ‘Crowdsourcing Content’ Mean? Crowdsourcing is the practice of engaging a ‘crowd’ or group for a common goal – often innovation, problem solving or efficiency. In this case we are interested in having others either write content for us or having them involved in the process.

What is crowdsource content?

Crowdsourced content definition: crowdsourced content refers to marketing materials that use third-party interviews, case studies, opinions or figures as their subject matter. Crowdsourced content can be split into two categories: Audience: where data, feedback or stories are taken from your audience.

What is crowdsourcing social media?

Simply put, it is the process of collecting ideas, services, and/or content with the help of contributions from a large number of people. The “crowd” in crowdsourcing typically refers to third-party entities that are unrelated to the business that’s conducting it.

What is crowdsourcing in online journalism?

Our definition: Journalism crowdsourcing is the act of specifically inviting a group of people to participate in a reporting task—such as newsgathering, data collection, or analysis—through a targeted, open call for input; personal experiences; documents; or other contributions.

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