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What is a oxygen analyzer?

What is a oxygen analyzer?

Oxygen analyzers measure the level of oxygen found in a given environment, improving both safety and efficiency in a wide range of industries. These important tools may either measure stack gas or inert gas. Stack gas oxygen analyzers measure the amount of oxygen in exhaust gas after combustion.

What are the two gases that most Nitrox diving computers take into consideration when computing your allowable bottom time?

The two gases that a Nitrox diving computer takes into consideration when computing your allowable bottom time are nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide.

What should you do if your enriched air computer fails during a dive?

If you computer fails during a dive, immediately ascend, make a safety stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes or longer, and end the dive.

What may happen during a dive if you go too deep or stay too long?

What may happen if you go too deep or stay too long during a dive? -However, if your dive lasted for a long time, or you made a deep dive, the dive computer will indicate that you must stop at a particular depth to allow the excess nitrogen in your body time to escape without causing problems.

What is working principle of O2 analyzer?

The operating principle of the paramagnetic sensor is the paramagnetic susceptibility of the oxygen molecule, a physical property which distinguishes oxygen from most other gases. The sensor incorporates two nitrogen-filled glass spheres mounted on a rotating suspension.

What is the typical measuring range for an oxygen Analyser?

Suitable for trace oxygen measurements from 0.1 ppm through to purity applications at 100% oxygen, these rugged portable instruments share the same advanced sensor technology as the online process oxygen analyzers ensuring confidence in their reliability and accuracy.

What is the MOD for 32 Nitrox?

Nitrox MOD Table

in feet (saltwater) in meters (saltwater)
30% 121 43.3
31% 116 41.6
32% 111 40.0
33% 107 38.5

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