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What is a planning site notice?

What is a planning site notice?

Site notices will be placed on, or near, all planning applications that fall within the following criteria: accompanied by an Environmental Statement. that are not in accordance with the development plan. affecting a public right of way. comprising major development (which includes applications for 10 dwellings or more …

When should you put up a site notice?

Authority of the application. The site notice must be erected no earlier than 2 weeks before the making of the application and must not be dated later than date application is lodged with the planning authority.

When can you take down Site Notice?

4) The Site Notice must remain on site for a minimum period of 2 weeks from the date of submission of the Significant Further Information Notices to the Planning Authority and must be removed following a notification of a decision under Article 31 of the Regulations.

Where do you have to display a planning notice?

As a local planning authority we are required by law to publicise all planning applications. This can include advertisements in a local newspaper, site notices and neighbour notifications.

What does a site notice mean?

Where the land or structure to which a planning application relates does not adjoin a public road, a Site Notice shall be erected or fixed in a conspicuous position on the land or structure so as to be easily visible and legible by persons outside the land or structure, and shall not be obscured or concealed at any …

How do I erect a site notice?

Download a Site Notice document here. The Site Notice shall be inscribed or printed in indelible ink on a white background, affixed on rigid durable material and secured against damage from bad weather and other causes by lamination.

What does a yellow site notice mean?

Yellow site notice required (if a previous valid application has been made on site / part of site within last 6 months) Application form not fully completed and signed. Details of waste water site suitability tests not included. Incorrect fee (Refer to scale of fees)

What happens if planning permission is refused?

Timeframe to launch an appeal If your planning application is refused and you feel the decision is unfair, you are able to launch an appeal. You must lodge your appeal within three months (this deadline is for homeowners – developers with major projects have up to six months).

How long does further information take?

Request for ‘Further Information’ or ‘Clarification’ The applicant must reply to each point of the request for ‘Further Information’ fully, within six months of the request being made. However, the planning regulations allow the planning authority to agree an extension of the six month limit by a further three months.

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