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What is a secondment agreement?

What is a secondment agreement?

Secondment agreements allow for an employer to assign an employee to another organisation for a specified duration, for purposes of developing good business relationships; enhancing an employee’s particular skill set or for sharing the particular expertise of that employee with the host company.

What does secondment of personnel mean?

a period of time when an employee is sent to work somewhere else temporarily, either to increase the number of workers there, to replace a worker, or to exchange experiences and skills: secondment to/from sth My last post in the probation service was a secondment to Bristol Prison.

How do you use the word secondment in a sentence?

He is halfway through his six-month secondment. It was to be a three-month secondment. His stint will last only one month of his six-month secondment with the Australian military.

What is the difference between a secondment and a fixed term contract?

Secondment is the temporary transfer of an employee to a different post or area of NHSBT or to another organisation, for a specific purpose and time. This arrangement is mutually agreed. Fixed-term is used for external recruitment for a specific reason.

What are the benefits of secondment?

A secondment is designed to give an employee experience in another team or department. It’s a great opportunity to experience new challenges, while the company benefits by increasing employee engagement, upskilling employees and improving communication within the business.

Where does the word secondment come from?

The word “secondment” comes from the Latin secundare by way of the Middle French seconder: “to assist”.

Is a secondment permanent?

An internal secondment is the temporary deployment of a member of staff to another role for a specific purpose and period of time to the mutual benefit of all parties. A secondment is usually for no longer than 2 years and is different to a Temporary Responsibility arrangement which is defined below.

Is a secondment a fixed term contract?

Is a secondment a promotion?

A secondment is a temporary move between one job and another, other than a temporary promotion as defined below, which usually involves a transfer from one line manager to another. Secondments can be within a department, to another department or even between different organisations.

Who pays secondment salary?

Generally, the employer who is letting their employee go on secondment is the one that continues to pay the wages but there needs to be additional consideration of bonuses, expenses, overtime and training costs.

Does a secondment need a contract?

A secondment does not terminate an employee’s contract of employment; the contract continues to subsist during the period of secondment, and a key principle of the arrangement is that the employee is expected to return to his or her substantive post when the secondment ends.

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