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What is a trench game?

What is a trench game?

Jul 19, 2021. Trenches is a First-Person World War l Survival Horror Game where you have to escape the claustrophobic environment and experience the war from the eyes of a soldier caught behind enemy lines in this surreal nightmare as you fight for your life and sanity to get back home to your family.

Is the game trenches based on a true story?

The game is based on the real-life experiences of Canadians who lived and died in the trenches during the First World War. Part history and part adventure story, Over the Top is divided into sections.

What is the monster in trenches?

The Trench are a sightless, nocturnal and viciously monstrous subspecies of Atlanteans that dwell in the depths of the Kingdom of the Trench.

How do you play trench?

Split the play area into two sections. Then split the children into two teams. Place the cones on the end of each teams half of the play space, this area will be the “trench”. Place the dodge balls (I recommend gator balls if you do not already have them, they are amazing) on the center line of the play space.

Is Trench a good rogue company?

A natural leader and cool under pressure, Trench is well respected by all member of Rogue Company.

How do you use trenches in rogue?

Trench is an area control rogue….Buy order

  1. In the first round, you should buy nothing.
  2. Second round buy your primary weapon.
  3. Third round upgrade your primary weapon.
  4. Fourth round buy the Active Protection System.
  5. Fifth Round start buying perks with either Bounce Back or Headstrong.

What was the purpose of the trenches?

Trenches were common throughout the Western Front. Long, narrow trenches dug into the ground at the front, usually by the infantry soldiers who would occupy them for weeks at a time, were designed to protect World War I troops from machine-gun fire and artillery attack from the air.

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