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What is Arona like in Tenerife?

What is Arona like in Tenerife?

Arona has a pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Notable places include the tourist resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas. Arona also features Punta Salemas, the southernmost point of the island of Tenerife.

Are jet 2 holidays to Tenerife Cancelled?

JET2 has confirmed that all flights and holidays to the Canary Islands have been cancelled until next month. The tour operator has announced a number of cancellations to their schedule due to the UK lockdown, starting from today. Until December 2, Brits are not allowed to go abroad on holiday under the new rules.

What region is Sol Arona Tenerife?

Los Cristianos
SOL ARONA TENERIFE – Updated 2022 (Los Cristianos, Spain)

Do and don’ts in Tenerife?

21 Things to do, see & not do in Tenerife

  • Visit Siam Water park.
  • Go dolphin (& whale) watching.
  • Rent a car.
  • Don’t buy any electronics.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Take a pit stop at Garachico.
  • Don’t play the “Tenerife lottery”
  • Pick the right waterpark.

Who is Arona?

A.R.O.N.A., is a high-performance AI, the system administrator and the main operating system of the Ooparts “Shittm Chest”. Currently, she is mainly providing business support to the Sensei, the owner of the Shittm Chest.

Is Tenerife on the green list for travel?

Year round sunshine and the Canary Islands’ green list status make Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura a popular option for half term and beyond.

Is Jet2 still flying to Tenerife?

Jet2 cancels more flights to Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote as Spain remains on UK quarantine list. JET2 has cancelled more flights and holidays to the Canary Islands as Spain shows no sign of being removed from the UK’s quarantine list.

What is the province of Arona?

This is the third most populated municipality on Tenerife. There are four clearly distinct areas in Arona: Playa de las Américas, Playa de los Cristianos, Playa de Las Galletas-Costa del Silencio and rural Arona.

Which town is Playa de las Americas in?

Playa de las Américas is a purpose-built holiday resort in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands of Spain. It is located in the southern and southern-west part of the Municipality of Arona, close to the adjoining Municipality of Adeje in the west of Tenerife.

What are the dangers in Tenerife?

Tenerife is a safe destination to travel and the biggest threats are pickpockets and thieves. Common sense is needed wherever you travel and you need to be careful with your belongings as not to leave them unattended.

Which part of Tenerife is best to stay?

Where To Stay in Tenerife – 10 Best Areas & Hotels 2022

  • Costa Adeje.
  • Playa de las Americas.
  • Los Cristianos.
  • Puerto de la Cruz.
  • El Medano.
  • Playa La Arena.
  • Los Gigantes.
  • Puerto de Santiago.

Who owns Arona?

Thomas Bernau
Arona Corporation dba Arona Home Essentials was founded on April 26, 1996 by Thomas Bernau. Mr. Bernau currently serves as President and CEO of Arona. Arona opened their first store September 1, 1997 in Des Moines, IA.

Is Tenerife on the amber list today?

What are the travel restrictions for Tenerife? Tenerife, along with mainland Spain and the other Balearic Islands, is currently on the amber list, meaning fully vaccinated travellers are not required to quarantine when they return.

Do I need a negative Covid test to enter Spain?

U.S. citizens can travel from the United States to Spain if they show that they are vaccinated against COVID-19, or have a recovery certificate , or show a negative diagnostic test result (NAAT or RAT) performed either within 72hours prior to departure to Spain for a NAAT (e.g. – PCR test) or within 24 hours prior to …

Is Tenerife on green list?

Are Jet2 in trouble?

Following what the company called a “period of unparalleled operational and financial challenges,” has reported a loss of £374 million for financial 2021. The figure compares to a profit of £264 million for 2020.

What area does Los Cristianos come under in Tenerife?

Los Cristianos is a town in Spain with a population of 21,235 (2017), situated on the south coast of the Canary Island of Tenerife. Located in the municipality of Arona between the cone of the mountain Chayofita and the greater mountain Guaza.

Is there an old town in Playa de las Americas?

Culture of Playa de las Americas. Places to visit – old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces. Playa de Las Americas doesn’t differ by plenty of historical and architectural objects, but at the same time it is impossible to call resort’s trip program boring.

Are there sharks in Playa de las Americas?

YES, there are. Since the Canary Islands are surrounded by the Atlantic, the waters around them are filled with marine life, including some species of sharks.

What is the poshest part of Tenerife?

La Caleta is probably the best area for a luxury holiday in Tenerife, with amazing 5 stars hotels.

How do I get to Tenerife from Belfast?

Plus, it’s easy to get to, with direct flights to Tenerife from Belfast airport operating twice a week. The island has something to suit everyone, from atmospheric family friendly resorts of Los Cristianos to the partying hub of in Playa de las Americas where you can dance in to the early hours of the morning.

Can I use my credit card at Sol Arona Tenerife?

Please note: points of sale at Sol Arona Tenerife do not accept cash payments, therefore guests are required to provide a valid credit card on arrival to set up a tab or alternatively pay by card at the points of sale. The credit card will only be charged if guests make purchases during their stay.

Why choose Tenerife for your next holiday?

Plus, Tenerife is home to the highest peak in Spain – Mount Teide, which soars an impressive 3718 metres into the sky. You can visit it at Mount Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When it comes to Tenerife holidays, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Looking to take the family on a fantastic getaway?

Where to go in Tenerife for a beach holiday?

Beach holidays are usually centred around Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes. Head to Fanabe Beach if you’re looking for the party, La Tejita for an unusual secluded red volcanic rock beach, and Playa del Duque if want a bit of luxury on golden sands. What language do they speak in Tenerife?

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