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What is crescenza Stracchino?

What is crescenza Stracchino?

Crescenza-Stracchino™ is made in small batches from whole cow’s milk gathered each day from local farmers. Made in petite 3.5-pound wheels, this fresh rindless cheese offers a milky flavor and tender texture. When allowed to age, Crescenza-Stracchino™ develops an addictive pleasant tanginess and creamy softness.

Where is stracchino cheese from?

northern Italy
Originating in northern Italy, stracchino (pronounced stra-key-noh) derives from the Italian word “stracca”, meaning “tired” – it was first made with the ultra-rich, pasture-infused milk of weary cows descending from Alpine pastures as autumn fell.

What is Strachicco?

Verys – Strachicco – Vegan Spreadable Classic of Rice – Vegan Cheese Originated from Germinated Rice – Vegan Organic – 200 g. Our Vegan Spreadable Classic is an innovative product, first of the spreadable line with a light and delicate touch which imediatelly catch the favour of many vegan people but not only.

What is stracchino in English?

Stracchino (Italian pronunciation: [strakˈkiːno]), also known as crescenza (Italian pronunciation: [kreʃˈʃɛntsa]), is a type of Italian cow’s-milk cheese, typical of Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, and Liguria.

What is similar to crescenza cheese?

Taleggio, a more readily available type of semi-soft Italian cheese with a washed rind, has a similar flavor and texture, but a stronger aroma.

What is Stracchino used for?

Stracchino can be used in the kitchen either on its own as a table cheese, spread on bread and croutons or indeed in a number of recipes. Excellent with vegetables with a bitter-ish flavor such as radicchio, artichokes, and chicory.

Is stracchino similar to mozzarella?

A northern Italian relation to mozzarella, stracchino is a cow’s milk cheese with a sole purpose: to be melted in a piadina, a folded flatbread sandwich made with unleavened dough filled with sliced prosciutto. Because it has a mild flavour, stracchino is used for its creamy texture rather than taste.

What cheese is similar to crescenza?

What is crescenza cheese made of?

pasteurized milk
Crescenza is made from whole semi-skimmed or pasteurized milk, treated with lactobacillus at 37 °C and then the rennet is added. After the coagulation, the cheese is stewed and finally it is dived in brine and aged for 5-10 days. Crescenza has a spreadable texture and no rind. It usually has a mild and delicate flavor.

Is crescenza cheese pasteurized?

Crescenza Stracchino is a fresh, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese modeled after Stracchino; an Italian cheese from the Piedmont region.

What cheese is like Stracchino?

With the textural characteristics that they have in common, Brie can be a good substitute for Stracchino in many recipes. For a comparable flavor substitute, look for a young, mild-flavored Brie.

Can I use mozzarella instead of Stracchino?

Famous for its mild taste, Stracchino is a fresh cheese produced in northern Italy – mainly in Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto – using whole cow’s milk and raw curd.

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