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What is dentrix eSync?

What is dentrix eSync?

eSync is an information transfer tool that allows Dentrix to integrate and communicate with eServices and other software. It improves the efficiency of many daily tasks by allowing the real-time transfer of data between workstations, network servers, programs and eSync plug-ins.

How do I download eSync from dentrix?

How can I obtain eSync? eSync is a free download that is available by contacting eServices Support at 800-734-5561, option 1. Your system must meet the minimum requirements before eSync can be downloaded and installed.

How do I uninstall eSync?

Uninstall eSync From the Control Panel, Add/Remove Applications, locate eSync and uninstall it. Make sure that the eSync directory (see above) is deleted. If not, delete it manually In the Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services applet, check that the eSync services were deleted (cf.

How do I download Dentalink?

Dentalink is provided as a plug-in with eSync, and is automatically installed when you install eSync 3.1. 5. To download eSync and the eSync Installation Guide, visit eservices/esync. Once you have installed Productivity Pack 8 and eSync 3.5.

What is the latest version of dentrix?

The new Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 7 is available now, and it’s packed with new features and improvements that will make your front office even more efficient and productive.

What is a WebSync?

WebSync is a cloud based platform and service that allows you to manage your SupplyPoint vending machines from anywhere in the world, through a convenient web interface.

How do I enable Esync wine?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. Clicking that icon will open a “Configure Wine” window. There should be an “Enable Esync” toggle in there.

How do you open a Dentalink?

After you install eSync and the Dentalink plug-in, Dentalink opens automatically each time you start your computer. When Dentalink is open, a Dentalink icon appears in the notification area of the Windows taskbar. to open Dentalink when it is closed, click the Dentalink icon in the notification area.

Who owns dentrix?

Henry Schein, Inc.
Dentrix Dental Systems was founded in 1985 and acquired by Henry Schein, Inc.

What kind of database does dentrix use?

SQL database
Henry Schein is pleased to announce the release of Dentrix G5. G5 stores information in an SQL database, which significantly improves the speed of data access and overall performance and product stability.

How do I disable WebSync?

if you want to disable Websync on all the other computers, open the dXWeb toolbar, click the Settings button (the wrench icon), and then click WebSync Wizard.

How do I find deleted appointments in dentrix?

They wanted to know if DENTRIX had some kind of a Recycle Bin they could retrieve information from. There is not a way to ‘undelete’ an appointment. However, the office can check the Audit Trail to see who was deleted so they can reschedule it.

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