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What is Koufonisia known for?

What is Koufonisia known for?

Famous for their exotic ambiance and pristine beaches, they are the best choice for those in need of a break from reality. Arriving there is guaranteed to help you leave all your worries behind! This is the perfect place to enjoy some of the Aegean’s clearest sea waters.

How many days do you need in Koufonisia?

Koufonisia casts a spell that is lingering and languid. We recommend staying at least three days, more if you can. The locals say that with each day in Koufonisia you will do less.

How do you get to Koufonisia Greece?

How to get to Koufonisia. You can easily get to Koufonisia from Athens, as there are regular ferry crossings from the port of Piraeus all year long. There is also the option to travel to the island of Naxos and get the ferry to Koufonisia from there. Bear in mind that ferries arrive in Pano Koufonisi.

Do you need a car in Koufonisia?

Exploring Koufonisia on foot You can actually walk around the whole island in about 3 to 4 hours, so, as you can imagine, a car is not necessary! Kato Koufonisi is uninhabited and it’s only accessible by boat from Ano Koufonisi. There are no roads, so you need to hike to discover its beautiful beaches.

Is koufonisia worth visiting?

Speaking for myself, when I notice many local people somewhere I strongly believe there is something remarkable I should try too! Believe me, Koufonisia are really special, wonderful, splendid and worth your visit!

How do you get from Naxos to koufonisia?

Ferries from Naxos to Koufonisia These ferries to Koufonisia from Naxos are operated by SeaJets, Blue Star Ferries, Fast Ferries and Small Cyclades Lines (Express Skopelitis). The fastest travel time by ferry from Naxos going to Koufonisia takes around 40 minutes.

Is there an airport in koufonisia?

There is no airport in Koufonisia. The closest one is Naxos National Airport “Apollon”, which receives domestic flights from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Are there taxis in antiparos?

There are 2 taxis in Antiparos: Evaggelos Zappas Taxi. Marina Moraki Taxi.

How do I get to Kato koufonisi?

Kato Koufonisi can be reached by boat from Ano Koufonisi. This boat departs from Ano Koufonisi every hour and makes two stops: one at Panagia settlement and one at Nero beach.

What is Koufonisia in Greek?

In Greek, Koufonisia is the plural form of the word Koufonisi. So, technically speaking, Koufonisia refers to both islands. When people talk about Koufonisi they normally mean Ano Koufonisi.

What to do in Koufonisia?

Talking of waters, Koufonisia boasts some of the best beaches you’ve seen in your life! The best Koufonisia beaches are Foinikas, Loutro, Italida, and Pori, in Ano Koufonissi and Nero, Detis and Panagia in Kato Koufonissi. If you want to explore the pristine coastline of Koufonisia, your best bet is to hire a boat.

How to get from Athens to Koufonisia?

There is a ferry to Koufonisia from Piraeus port in Athens but also from other islands of the Aegean sea. The closest airport to Koufonisia is on Naxos island, with daily flights from Athens.

What is the main industry on Koufonisia?

The main industry on the island is fishing although tourism has increased in the past few years. Despite their size, Koufonisia have several taverns, cafes and some local shops. The historic background of Koufonisia, as the other surrounding islands, is unknown. We don’t know when the islands were first inhabited and what happened in antiquity.

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