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What is patrilocal kinship system?

What is patrilocal kinship system?

Patrilocal residence is structured by a rule that a man remains in his father’s house after reaching maturity and brings his wife to live with his family after marriage. Daughters, conversely, move out of their natal household when they marry. Patrilocal Residence, Stage I.

What does patrilocal lineage mean?

Patrilocality is found usually in societies that have patrilineal descent, which is when descent is traced only through male ancestors to their offspring. Because the husband is able to remain in his childhood setting while the wife is taken away from hers, patrilocality gives the husband’s family more authority.

What is a Patri matrilocal extended family?

The result is a patrilocal extended family, in which three or more generations of related men live together to form a shallow patrilineage. An alternate designation, virilocal, refers to a simpler rule that a wife must move to her husband’s residence. Matrilocal Residence.

What do you mean by Neolocal family?

living or located away from both the husband’s and the wife’s relatives: a neolocal family.

What is the best definition of matrilocal?

Definition of matrilocal : located at or centered around the residence of the wife’s family or people a matrilocal village —contrasted with patrilocal.

What is patrilocal in sociology?

In social anthropology, patrilocal residence or patrilocality, also known as virilocal residence or virilocality, are terms referring to the social system in which a married couple resides with or near the husband’s parents. The concept of location may extend to a larger area such as a village, town or clan territory.

What is the difference between Ambilocal and neolocal?

The couple may also live for a while with one set of parents and then move to live with the other. About 9% of the world’s societies have ambilocal residence. Neolocal residence occurs when a newly married couple establishes their home independent of both sets of relatives.

What means matrilocal marriage?

In social anthropology, matrilocal residence or matrilocality (also uxorilocal residence or uxorilocality) is the societal system in which a married couple resides with or near the wife’s parents.

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