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What is substructure and superstructure in building?

What is substructure and superstructure in building?

The two major components of buildings are the substructure and superstructure. The substructure is the part of the building that is underneath the ground, while the superstructure is everything that is above ground.

What are the construction techniques for high-rise building?

Types of High-Rise Buildings Structural Systems

  • Types of High-Rise Buildings Structural Systems.
  • Braced frame structural system.
  • Rigid frame structural system.
  • Wall-frame system (dual system)
  • Shear wall system.
  • Core and outrigger structural system.
  • Infilled frame structural system.
  • Flat plate and flat slab structural system.

What type of construction is a high-rise?

High-rise buildings are Type 1, which are classified as fire-resistive. Generally speaking, these buildings are more than 75 feet tall, including high-rise housing and commercial spaces.

What does substructure mean in construction?

The substructure or underbuilding is that largely hidden section of the building which is built off the foundations to the ground floor level. Under Building Construction. The standard form of underbuilding construction uses two skins of dense concrete blockwork for all external walls.

What are the types of substructure?

Substructures can be classified into piers (columns), foundations (footings), and abutments. Since the loads acting on each structure are different, each should be designed for various load types and load combinations based on the design criteria. The different types of substructures are described below.

What are the components of substructure?

Components of a Building’s Substructure

  • Foundation. Strip Foundation. Raft Foundation. Pile Foundation.
  • Plinth Beam.

Why are high-rise buildings constructed?

High-rise construction can also be beneficial to the environment, not only because it takes up less space but because systems like water, heating, cooling and waste are more cost-efficient when they are being managed across a smaller area, with less distance to travel.

How is a substructure constructed?

The substructure work consists of the following components: Foundations: Use of grouting methods for improving foundation soil. Abutments: Use of semi-integral and integral abutments, with a single row of piles. Retaining walls: Use of three-sided precast wall culverts; use of modular retaining walls.

What are the main part of substructure?

The basic components of a building substructure are the foundation and plinth beam. These components safely transfer the load from the superstructure to the ground.

What is the superstructure of a building?

The superstructure of a building is where people will spend most of their time. This area includes the first and second floors inside a home and any number of floors in larger buildings. The superstructure includes beams, columns, finishes, windows, doors, the roof, floors, and anything else.

What is a high rise structure?

A multistory building higher than 21m or 21 to 29 floor buildings with unknown height described as high-rise structure. Various structural systems are available to be used in the construction of high rise building.

What is the function of substructure in building construction?

The function of substructure is the transfer of loads from the superstructure to the underlying soil. So, the substructure is in direct contact with supporting soil. Substructure involves footing and plinth of a building. An experienced structural engineer should generate plans and works for the substructure of a building project.

What is the difference between super structure and sub structure?

Sub Structure: The part of building that is constructed below ground level. 2. Super Structure: The part of building that is above ground level. footing and plinth of a building are a part of a sub-structure.

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