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What is the difference between gelada and baboon?

What is the difference between gelada and baboon?

Baboons and geladas are closely related taxa, yet they differ in their ecology and degree of social tolerance: (1) baboons are habitat and dietary generalists, whereas geladas have one of the most specialized primate diets (90% grass); (2) baboons exhibit an aversion toward extra-group individuals, whereas geladas …

What is the common name of gelada?

gelada baboon
Common Name The gelada has been referred to by other names, including the “gelada baboon”, “bleeding-heart baboon”, or simply “baboon”, implying a monophyletic relationship with baboons, which historically included (apart from Theropithecus) the genera Papio (true baboons) and Mandrillus (mandrills and drills).

Is a gelada a Cercopithecoid?

17), geladas, and mandrills] are the largest cercopithecoids and have a rich fossil record in the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

What is unique about gelada monkeys?

Geladas are unique in the monkey world. Their diet is almost entirely grass, but they have impressive canine teeth — especially the males, who rely on their fearsome fangs not to eat but to signal dominance or to fight. They are terrestrial, or ground dwellers rather than tree dwellers.

Is gelada a baboon?

The gelada is often referred to as the gelada baboon and the bleeding-heart baboon but is not a true baboon. These brown and grey primates are Old World monkeys that do bear some similarities to baboons.

Is gelada a polygamous?

In geladas, bachelor males join together to form all-male groups. Reproduction in these societies is usually polygynous, and OMUs are always at risk of takeover by bachelor males, who may commit infanticide after taking over females with young infants.

Why is the gelada called the bleeding heart?

In most baboons, swellings on the rump signal sexual readiness, but geladas spend too much time sitting to use their rumps as billboards. Hence, evolution has given them the distinct chest patch that has earned them the name “bleeding-heart baboons.”

What is the largest New World monkey?

The howler
The howler is the largest of the New World monkeys.

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