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What is the English name of Solanum?

What is the English name of Solanum?

Species having the common name nightshade The species most commonly called nightshade in North America and Britain is Solanum dulcamara, also called bittersweet or woody nightshade (so-called because it is a (scandent) shrub).

Is Solanum plant poisonous?

Solanum dulcamara, Solanaceae Family Bittersweet nightshade is a slender perennial vine or semi-woody shrub found throughout King County, especially in creeks and wetlands, as well as field edges, gardens, parks, and roadsides. This plant is toxic to people, pets, and livestock.

What is the family of Solanum?

NightshadeNightshade / FamilyThe Solanaceae, or nightshades, are a family of flowering plants that ranges from annual and perennial herbs to vines, lianas, epiphytes, shrubs, and trees, and includes a number of agricultural crops, medicinal plants, spices, weeds, and ornamentals. Wikipedia

What is Fruit type of Solanum?

The plant is grown as a perennial in South Asia. It is now cultivated worldwide. In North Carolina, eggplant is considered an annual. The genus name, Solanum, is from the Latin word solamen, which means “comforting or soothing.” The species name, melongena, references the fruits melon shape.

What are Solanum crops?

It is in the same botanical family as several important vegetable crops such as tomato, potato, chilli, capsicum and eggplant. In Australia, insect pests harboured by this weed include thrips and whitefly, and it is believed that it hosts a range of fungi significant to potatoes and other vegetable crops.

Is Solanum edible?

Solanum nigrum is, by the way, much more commonplace. Unripe (green) fruit of Solanum nigrum does contain solanine and should be avoided, but the ripe fruit is perfectly edible and quite delicious. People all around the world eat Solanum nigrum. In parts of the US Solanum nigrum berries are made into pies.

How do you grow Solanum?

Solanum are best planted in a moist but well-drained soil of sand, clay or chalk within an alkaline or neutral PH balance. They are best positioned in a sheltered area of full sun.

For what Solanaceae is used?

Plants of the Solanaceae have been used traditionally as antimicrobial, insecticidal, and antiinfectious agents, and as poisons. The reported AMPs from the Solanaceae are the products of chemical shields to protect plants from microorganisms and pests which unfold an obvious link with their traditional medicinal use.

What is Solanaceae vegetable?

Solanaceous Vegetables. This group includes important vegetables namely tomato, eggplant, chilli and sweet. pepper.

Does nightshade taste good?

Applications. Black Nightshade berries maybe cooked or simply eaten raw out of hand as a wild food snack. Their musky, slightly sweet, yet tomato-like flavor lend them to both sweet and savory applications, but they are most often prepared as a preserve, jam or pie filling.

What is Solanum nigrum used for?

Solanum nigrum naturally occurs in Africa and is used as food as well as medicinal plant in Cameroon to treat pneumonia, aching teeth, stomach ache, tonsillitis, wing worms, pain, inflammation and fever, tumor, inflammation, and also as hepaprotective, diuretic, antipyretic [77].

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