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What is the factory trigger pull on a Glock 17?

What is the factory trigger pull on a Glock 17?

A perfect example would be a Glock 17 with a factory stock trigger that weighs approx 5 pounds and is the same for each shot, vs a Beretta M9 with a double action first trigger pull of approx 13 lbs and a 5 lb single action trigger for each shot after.

Are trigger guard holsters safe?

While a traditional holster attaches to your pants and securely holds your firearm in place, the trigger guard holster is susceptible to movement and more likely to become unsecured in a struggle. This movement of the firearm can also cause problems when it comes training with your firearm.

Can you change the trigger on a Glock?

When you look at your Glock and think of swapping a trigger then it must come to mind that you will need to find a gunsmith and add that fee to the price. Also, while the gunsmith has everything out you might as well pay them to clean out from under the trigger and block.

What is an undercut trigger guard?

Description. Undercut, and round-over the rear of the trigger guard where the shooters middle finger rides, allowing for a higher, more comfortable grip on the gun and enhanced recoil control.

Why are Glocks so light?

The Glock is literally made in a plastic mold as opposed to being assembled from steel. Its what makes it so light; and what allows the gun to have the large capacity [is that] the plastic is very thin.

What is the purpose of a trigger guard?

There is a reason that part of the firearm is called a trigger “guard;” its purpose is to protect the trigger so that nothing (not even your finger) touches the trigger when it’s not supposed to.

Do you need to upgrade Glock trigger?

Key point: A good trigger is important and you should upgrade yours. The Glock Safe Action Pistol is the most popular Pistol in the United States. Gaston Glock’s plastic fantastics came about in a time where most guns featured metal frames and were hammer fired.

What are Accelerator cuts on a Glock?

Accelerator cuts are triangular cuts placed above the trigger guard where your support hand thumb would fall. They allow you to apply downward torque on the handgun, helping with recoil management.

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