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What is the highest loot raid in Clash of Clans?

What is the highest loot raid in Clash of Clans?

Example: If you were to collect 100,000 Gold, 120,000 Elixir, and 500 Dark Elixir, your score would be 270,000 points….Leaderboards:

Rank Name Total Score
1 Gunnar050192 4,775,000
2 Shashank Rock 4,755,000
3 Suhas619 4,747,542
4 Awaad42vr 4,596,370

What is the strongest army in Clash of Clans?

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all.

Can you lose loot in COC?

You lose resources, depending on how much the attacker “destroys”. If the attacker destroys everything, you can lose up to a maximum of 50% of Elixir/Gold in your collectors, 100% of Elixir/Gold in your Town Hall, and 10-20% of Elixir/Gold in your storage containers depending on your Town Hall level.

Can your treasury be looted?

The Treasury is not subject to the loot penalty. This means players of higher Town Halls can still steal a flat 3% of a player’s Treasury.

What happens if someone destroys your town hall?

How about something drastic if your town hall is destroyed – like the all of the defender’s buildings & walls immediately lose 1/2 (or whatever fraction) of their hit points, and the attacker immediately receives 1/2 of all remaining resources.

How do you get elixir fast in Clash of Clans?

1) Multiplayer battles. Clash of Clans players engage in multiplayer battles to farm for gold and Elixir. Sometimes, one can even find a base with a million gold and Elixir available. Players can either take the loot and surrender or go for trophies.

What percentage of loot can be stolen in COC?

Gold and Elixir

Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1 20% 2,500
2 20% 8,500
3 20% 100,000
4 20% 500,000

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