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What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe?

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe?

118.40 degrees Fahrenheit
The highest temperature ever recorded on the European continent is 48 degrees Celsius (118.40 degrees Fahrenheit) in 1977 in Athens.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Europe?

WMO Region VI (Europe, Continent only): Lowest Temperature According to the monthly meteorological reference book of the USSR, issue 1, part II (printed in Obninsk, 1979), “the coldest temperature in Europe occurred in Ust ‘Shchugor, Russia with the temperature of -58.1°C on 31 December 1978.

What is a country with extreme heat and a country with extreme cold?

List of countries and territories by extreme temperatures

Country/Region Coldest Hottest
Western Sahara * 50.7 °C 123.3 °F
Zambia * 42.4 °C 108.3 °F
Afghanistan * −52.2 °C −62.0 °F 49.9 °C 121.8 °F
Armenia * −42.0 °C −43.6 °F 43.7 °C 110.7 °F

What country is the warmest in Europe?

Malta is the hottest country in Europe by average temperature. While it is not technically viewed as a winter sun destination given there are very clear season shifts, Malta’s extreme southerly location gives it a bit of extra heat compared to all of mainland Europe.

What is the warmest place in Europe?

The Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are the warmest place in Europe, with a January average temperature of roughly 12-18 C (55-65 F).

Which European countries are coldest?

The Coldest Places in Europe: 7 Ultimate Frigid Towns

  • 1) Oymyakon, Russia.
  • 2) Yakutsk, Russia.
  • 3) Kautokeino, Norway.
  • 4) Salla, Finland.
  • 5) Akureyri, Iceland.
  • 6) Ufa, Russia.
  • 7) Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Coldest Places in Europe FAQ’s.

Where is hot all year round in Europe?

Seville, Spain Seville is officially the warmest city year round in continental Europe and winter is a great time to visit. While you might get caught in the occasional downpour, it’s much better than trying to visit in summer when temperatures commonly reach over 40°C!

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