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What is the lowest score of Sachin Tendulkar?

What is the lowest score of Sachin Tendulkar?

52 The highest identical score for Tendulkar in both innings of a match – versus Pakistan in Kolkata in 2005. 58 The lowest score not achieved by Tendulkar in international matches; 58 and 75 are the only sub-100 scores he hasn’t made. 71 Balls taken for his fastest ODI century, against Zimbabwe in Sharjah in 1998.

Who is 2nd god of cricket now?

2- Fastest cricketer to reach 5000 runs in… More. ODIs.

Who scored 50000 runs in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar
While Sachin Tendulkar (with 50,192 runs) is one of among 16 cricketers in the world to breach the 50,000-run barrier, he remains the leading run-scorer when it comes to international cricket. Some of Sachin Tendulkar records in international cricket composes of some staggering numbers.

Who can score 100 centuries?

Some people might say its’ Don Bradman’s unbelievable Test average (99.94) while many others may agree on Sachin’s record of 100 centuries. In fact, even taking only Sachin’s case, this particular record is surely his biggest ever milestone in international cricket.

Can Kohli score 100 100s?

Narendra Varma: No. Virat is 33 now and is playing his 100th Test, yet averages below Sachin’s. Sachin has played for a longer time and Kohli won’t get that much time now. So considering his current form, Virat can come closer to Sachin records, especially, 100 hundreds, but is not likely to hit the milestone.

Who is the fastest batsman to reach 20000 international runs?

Kohli, incidentally is the quickest to reach the landmarks of 20000 (417 inns), 21000 (435 inns) and 22000 (462 inns) runs in international cricket. 47 The number of innings taken by Rohit Sharma to register his maiden overseas Test century….

For Aus
Runs 159*
Opp NZ
Venue Auckland
Achieved on 23 Mar 1974

Who scored the most first class runs?

JB Hobbs

Player Span Runs
JB Hobbs 1905-1934 61760
FE Woolley 1906-1938 58959
EH Hendren 1907-1937 57611
CP Mead 1905-1936 55061

Who is better Sachin or Virat?

In terms of record, Sachin Tendulkar is still way ahead but Virat Kohli is quickly catching up. Kohli, however, has been stuck ar 70 international centuries for more than two years now. His bad form continues and he will hope that he is back among runs when in the T20s against West Indies.

Who is god of IPL?

Rohit Sharma is the most successful IPL skipper having led Mumbai Indians to title record five times. With him being the heavyweight in batting along with his captaincy record, he rightfully deserves the title of god of IPL.

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