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What is the main theme of The Open Window Commonlit answers?

What is the main theme of The Open Window Commonlit answers?

The main themes in “The Open Window” are appearances versus reality, the discomfort of company, and the suspension of disbelief. Appearances versus reality: Vera’s stories present false appearances, concealing the reality behind them and causing great misunderstanding for Framton.

What does Vera say is Mrs Sappleton’s great tragedy?

Answer: Vera recounts to Mr Nuttel the story of the death of Mrs Sappleton’s husband and two brothers. They had gone out snipe shooting through that window three years ago and never came back. According to her, Mrs Sappleton keeps the french window open because she thinks they might still come back.

Who is the protagonist and why he came to village in the story The Open Window?

The protagonist of the short story “The Open Window” is Framton Nuttel. Framton is a man who visits the Sappleton family in the country in order to get some rest, as he suffers from a nervous…

What is Vera’s motivation in confirming that Mr Nuttel does not know her aunt?

Why does Vera confirm the fact that Framton Nuttel does not know her aunt well at all? She wants to prepare him for her aunt’s strange behavior if he does not know her. She believes she has seen him at the house before.

What is the relationship between Framton and Vera?

What explanation does Vera, the fifteen-year-old niece, provide for Framton’s exit in “The Open Window”? She suggests that Framton is afraid of the spaniel because he once suffered a traumatic event with being chased in a cemetery by “pariah dogs.” How old was Vera? What does the sister think Nuttel will do?

What is the moral of the story The Open Window?

The moral that we draw from the lesson “The Open Window” is that one should not deceive another person. He or she should be sensitive towards a person’s needs or circumstances. In the story, Mrs. Sappleton’s niece was very self –possessed and so she invented the story about Mrs.

What was Vera’s explanation for Framton’s departure?

Answer. Answer: The girl explained that Framton made a lighting exit because of the spaniel dog. She mentioned that Nuttel told her that he had a horror of dogs.

What did Framtons sister give him to take with him and why?

What did Framton’s sister give him to take with him and why? His sister gave him letters of introduction for people she knows there so maybe he’ll talk to them.

What was Framton Nuttel suffering from?

nervous disorder and excitement
What was Framton Nuttel suffering from? Answer: Framton Nuttel was suffering from nervous disorder and excitement. The doctor advised him complete rest and relaxation in the countryside.

Who was the girl why did she tell Mr Nuttel about aunt?

THE OPEN WINDOW Q1. Why does the niece tell Framton Nuttel to try and put up with her? Ans. The niece said so because her aunt whom Mr Nuttel had come to meet would take some time to come down.

When Mr Sappleton returns at the end of the story we realize that?

Sappleton has come back from the dead. When Mr. Sappleton returns at the end of the story, we realize that: Vera played a trick on Framton.

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