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What is the meaning of came up against?

What is the meaning of came up against?

: to be stopped or slowed by (something) The proposal has come up against some opposition.

Will be meted out?

Definition of mete out : to give (something) to the people who one decides should get it : to give out or distribute (something) We’re trying to be fair in meting out rewards and punishments. —usually used to refer to something unpleasant (such as punishment) Huge fines were meted out as punishment.

Where to use against in a sentence?

Examples of against in a Sentence He spoke against appeasing the enemy. Some people were for the proposal but others were against it. There’s a law against doing that. two runners racing against each other Touching the ball with your hands is against the rules.

What is the English meaning of come out?

Definition of come out intransitive verb. 1a : to come into public view : make a public appearance a new magazine has come out. b : to become evident his pride came out in his refusal to accept help. 2 : to declare oneself especially in public utterance came out in favor of the proposal.

How do you use meted in a sentence?

Set free from a punishment meted out for our attempts to put fire in the hands of the common man. She decides to fight this injustice meted out to her. There are vivid accounts of harsh sentences meted out for crimes that today would warrant no more than a caution.

What is meant by mete and dole?

to distribute or apportion by measure; allot; dole (usually followed by out): to mete out punishment. Archaic. to measure.

What do you mean by against?

in opposition to; contrary to; adverse or hostile to: twenty votes against ten; against reason. in resistance to or defense from: protection against burglars. in an opposite direction to: to ride against the wind. into contact or collision with; toward; upon: The rain beat against the window.

What is the synonym of against?

opposed to, in opposition to, hostile to, averse to, antagonistic towards, inimical to, unsympathetic to, resistant to, at odds with, in disagreement with, contra. in defiance of, versus, counter, at cross purposes with, dead set against. informal anti, con, agin.

How do you use come out?

Examples of ‘come out’ in a sentence come out

  1. He was calling for Marcella, saying he was sorry, telling her it was OK for her to come out now.
  2. If things went wrong then Adam thought he would come out on top.
  3. He would come out of it, they knew, he was glad to have someone to tell his secrets to.

What is another word for came out?

What is another word for came out?

developed evolved
turned out issued
eventuated happened
sprang sprung
got out came into existence

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