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What is the message of The Patriot movie?

What is the message of The Patriot movie?

The film illustrates the writer’s main point of freedom. For instance, in the film both sides, British and Continentals, offer freedom to slaves who fought in the war after twelve months of service. Not only would slaves be grant freedom in the film but if Continentals won they too would have freedom from the British.

Is The Patriot 2000 historically accurate?

In conclusion, The Patriot is a very entertaining film that uses the American Revolution in South Carolina as a backdrop to tell a story about the way the war affected a fictional family. “This is not historically accurate,” said Mel Gibson.

How does The Patriot movie end?

When Benjamin’s second son Thomas tries to free Gabriel, he is shot and killed by Tavington, who then orders the Martins’ house burned, and all wounded Americans executed. After the British leave, Benjamin gives his next two eldest sons muskets, and they ambush the British unit escorting the captive Gabriel.

How historically accurate is The Patriot?

“The Patriot” is more or less accurate about the frontier violence in the French and Indian War 15 to 20 years earlier that haunts Gibson’s fictional character, Benjamin Martin, and leaves him averse to fighting again.

Is The Patriot a sad movie?

The Patriot is technically a good movie. Nicely made with good characters, good acting, a strong storyline and fabulous cinematography. But, to say this movie distorts history would be an understatement. And that is extremely sad in a movie that sells itself as an accurate portrayal of events during the revolution.

How was Benjamin Martin a patriot?

During the war, Martin led a colonial militia force in a guerrilla war against the British Army in his home state of South Carolina, tying down Charles Cornwallis’ army until the French could arrive to support George Washington’s army in the north.

Is there a baby at the end of The Patriot?

Continuity. At the end of the movie, as Benjamin and his family ride towards their homestead, Aunt Charlotte is holding a blanket on her lap. She holds the blanket as though it contains a baby as she descends from the wagon.

Did the church burning in The Patriot really happened?

The church-burning scene in The Patriot is actually based on an incident from World War II, when Nazi soldiers burned a group of French villagers alive. There is no evidence that a similar event took place during the American Revolution.

Can a 14 year old watch The Patriot?

Depends on Your Child’s Maturity Level Your child’s ability to watch it depends wholly on his/her ability to handle blood. War violence is virtually the only objectionable content in the film, though the director pulls no punches on this part.

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