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What is the moral lesson of the literary piece vultures?

What is the moral lesson of the literary piece vultures?

What is the message of ‘Vultures’? The message of this piece is hinted at in the last stanza. Through this poem, Achebe tells readers that even in the cold caverns of someone’s cruel heart, love can exist.

What does the vulture symbolize according to the poem?

Vultures symbolize death and decomposition. The poet tells us that these symbols of death and evil, who eat the decaying corpses, can have a loving side. This image of love contrasts with their evil nature.

What is the theme of the story vultures?

The poem Vultures which was set in 1971 and written by Chinua Achebe is a poem that talks about human nature and nature, the poem talks about vultures and humans while contrasting them together. The poem talks about the father who is the commandant at Belsen concentration camp who goes home to his loving children.

What is the Bountify?

1 : liberal or generous in bestowing gifts or favors. 2 : given or provided abundantly a bountiful harvest.

What is the moral of the story looking for vultures egg?

Seeing it, Opu was overwhelmed with joy. The book stated that when an individual drops some amount of mercury on a vulture’s egg, and then when he/she takes in his/her mouth, the person will be able to fly. Opus believed that it was true.

What role does a character’s environment play in literary works?

The descriptions of the setting push the reader to gain a sense of the apprehension the lost child must feel, and thus the suspenseful mood is created. The setting establishing this mood allows the reader to relate to the characters within a story.

What is the poem An African Elegy about?

“An African Elegy” presents death as a subconscious force that is not fully present to the speaker except in symbolic terms. Duncan charts his relation to death through introspection, likening his own mind to Africa’s jungles.

What is the poem first day after the war about?

This is a celebratory poem and focuses on celebrating the freedom that comes to a people after oppression. The war is the struggle for freedom of those who were oppressed . The poem focuses on the celebrations that occur amongst the victorious immediately after apartheid.

What does Bountifulness mean?

the quality or state of being generous. because of the restaurant owner’s bountifulness, a number of homeless people were fed that day.

What is bountiful harvest?

Bountiful means abundant or given generously. We celebrate the idea of a bountiful harvest with a Thanksgiving cornucopia overflowing with its bounty of pumpkins, apples, squashes, and cranberries.

How much did the cowherd want for the eggs with what did you pay him?

What did Opu pay him? Ans. The cowherd boy wanted two annas for the eggs he had got. Opu settled the deal by paying him four pice and some of his couriers.

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