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What is the network of convoluted tubules is called the?

What is the network of convoluted tubules is called the?

II. The series of convoluted tubules end in a “reservoir” known as the rete testis. Sperm exit the testis via the rete testis, which is connected to a series of extratesticular ductules, known as the efferent ductules, that connect the rete testis to the initial segment at the head of the epididymis.

What are convoluted tubules?

The distal convoluted tubule (DCT) is a short nephron segment, interposed between the macula densa and collecting duct. Even though it is short, it plays a key role in regulating extracellular fluid volume and electrolyte homeostasis.

How are seminiferous and straight tubules different?

The convoluted seminiferous tubules are those twisted curved tubules in each lobule of the testis. They are where spermatogenesis occurs. The straight seminiferous tubules are the continuation of the tubulus seminifer contortus which becomes straight just before entering the mediastinum to form the rete testis.

What is the name of the tubules within the testes that sperm develop in?

Sperm production in the testes takes place in coiled structures called seminiferous tubules. Along the top of each testicle is the epididymis. This is a cordlike structure where the sperm mature and are stored.

What is proximal convoluted tubule and its function?

Definition of proximal convoluted tubule : the convoluted portion of the vertebrate nephron that lies between Bowman’s capsule and the loop of Henle and functions especially in the resorption of sugar, sodium and chloride ions, and water from the glomerular filtrate. — called also proximal tubule.

Where do the convoluted tubules in the germinal epithelium are found?

Each epididymis is formed by a single convoluted tubule seen in multiple cross sections. It is lined by a tall pseudostratified columnar epithelium. These cells bear stereocilia on their luminal surface that absorb fluid released from the testes along with sperm.

What connects the testes to the urethra?

Vas deferens. This is a tube in which the sperm is stored and it carries the sperm out of the scrotal sac. The vas deferens is between the epididymis and the urethra and connects these together.

What is convoluted seminiferous tubules?

The convoluted seminiferous tubules are that part involved in the production of spermatozoa and therefore the site of spermatogenesis. Sperm cells are produced here. The spermatogenic cells undergo the process of meiosis. The straight seminiferous tubules, in contrast, do not produce spermatozoa.

Why are the proximal and distal tubules convoluted?

The distal convoluted tubule continues into the cortex from the ascending limb of the loop of Henle. Like the proximal convoluted tubule, this segment of the tubule is called convoluted because it twists about. It is distal because it is further “downstream” from the starting point, the renal corpuscle.

What are the seminiferous tubules?

The seminiferous tubules are the site of spermatogenesis where germ cells develop into spermatozoa in close interaction with Sertoli cells.

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