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What is the noun of consummate?

What is the noun of consummate?

/ˌkɑnsəˈmeɪʃn/ [countable, uncountable] 1the act of making a marriage or relationship complete by having sex.

What consummated means?

transitive verb. 1 : to make (marital union) complete by sexual intercourse consummate a marriage. 2a : finish, complete consummate a business deal. b : to make perfect.

What is an example of consummate?

Consummate is defined as a complete or fulfilled, or very skillful. An example of consummate is the happiness of a child on Christmas morning; consummate happiness. An example of consummate is the magic performed by David Copperfield; a consummate magic expert.

What is a consummate professional mean?

A character who is characterized by their intense professionalism and intolerance of the lack thereof in others. The Consummate Professional is most often a very serious character, be it by choice or by requirement.

What is a consummate gentleman?

2. consummate – perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities; “a complete gentleman”; “consummate happiness”; “a consummate performance”

What does consummate mean in law?

Consummation means the completion of a thing. Some common uses of the term “consummation” in a legal sense include: In the context of marriage, consummation means the actualization of marriage. It is the first act of sexual intercourse after marriage between a husband and wife.

What is a consummate leader?

What is Consummate Leadership? These are the men and women that have some history of accomplishments and are skilled at unifying human efforts for a common purpose. They often have heartfelt stories from social engagements, involvement in self-less causes, or even ‘scars’ from board room battles.

Which is the closest antonym for the word consummate?


  • crude,
  • rude.
  • What does consummation mean on contract?

    In the context of a contract, consummation occurs when everything required to be done in relation to a contract has been accomplished. As explained in this case, the place where the consummation of contract took place sometimes holds significance to determine the applicable law for the interpretation of the contract.

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