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What is the Sprint Center in Kansas City called now?

What is the Sprint Center in Kansas City called now?

T-Mobile Center
In April 2020, T-Mobile US became the naming rights partner by completing a merger with Sprint Corporation. On July 9, 2020, Sprint Center was officially renamed to T-Mobile Center.

When did the Sprint Center open in Kansas City Missouri?

October 10, 2007T-Mobile Center / Opened
Anchor to more than $6 billion of reinvestment in a revitalized downtown Kansas City, Mo., Sprint Center is a unique public/private partnership between the city of Kansas City and AEG. Since Opening on Oct. 10, 2007, Sprint Center has exceeded all expectations having hosted more than 750 events and 7 million guests.

What team plays at the Sprint Center?

Kansas plays an annual game at Sprint Center. Kansas State and Missouri annually look to put a Kansas City game on their schedules.

What happened Kemper arena?

The collapse was triggered by fracture of the high strength bolts, part of the hanger that suspended the roof from the space frames. Analysis demonstrated that failure of just one of four bolts per hanger resulted in a large prying load on the three remaining bolts.

Is the Sprint Center now T-Mobile?

This rendering shows the rebranding of Sprint Center to T-Mobile Center. Starting in August, the anchor in Kansas City’s entertainment district will be going by its new name. T-Mobile US Inc.

Can you smoke in tmobile arena?

Yes there is a place they have outdoors, and it over looks the front of the building – you can go out there and smoke during events.

What is Kemper Arena called now?

Hy-Vee Arena
Hy-Vee Arena, formerly Kemper Arena, opens after renovations by Foutch Brothers. Hy-Vee Arena, formerly Kemper Arena, is open after a $39 million renovation by Foutch Brothers LLC turning the facility into a two-level youth and amateur sports hub whose grand opening was Friday.

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