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What is the theme of the poem Lotos-eaters?

What is the theme of the poem Lotos-eaters?

In “The Lotos-Eaters,” the central theme is: Should a person live in a world of romantic vision and aesthetic reverie or turn from this dreamy life of art to the stable world of facts and hard work? For Spenser and Thomson, the moral is clearly drawn.

What is the meaning of The Lotos-Eaters?

a member of a people whom Odysseus found existing in a state of languorous forgetfulness induced by their eating of the fruit of the legendary lotus; one of the lotophagi. a person who leads a life of dreamy, indolent ease, indifferent to the busy world; daydreamer.

Why do The Lotos-Eaters wish to resemble the gods?

These Lotus Eaters were like gods because they seemed to be able to change the minds of man to slumber instead of work.

What kind of poem is Lotus Eaters?

This poem is divided into two parts: the first is a descriptive narrative (lines 1–45), and the second is a song of eight numbered stanzas of varying length (lines 46–173). The first part of the poem is written in nine-line Spenserian stanzas, so called because they were employed by Spenser in The Faerie Queene.

How does Tennyson describe The Lotos-Eaters?

Those who eat the lotos feel as if they have fallen into a deep sleep; they sit down upon the yellow sand of the island and can hardly perceive their fellow mariners speaking to them, hearing only the music of their heartbeat in their ears.

What is the significance of the title Tears Idle Tears?

The Bittersweet Nature of Memory and Loss Her tears are “idle” (meaning without a clear purpose or cause), but also linked throughout the poem to the death of friends, the memory of past love, and changes in nature.

What is the summary of the Lotus Eaters?

In the Odyssey specifically, the Lotus Eaters are mysterious people who live on a small island. They regularly consume lotus plants that cause them to live in a perpetual state of bliss. Their lifestyle causes them to lose all sense of urgency. Odysseus and his men spend some time on the island of the Lotus Eaters.

What is the tone of The Lotos-Eaters?

The tone of “The Lotus-Eaters” is melancholic and objective. The atmosphere is surreal, as if the events in the poem are part of a dream.

Who is the speaker in the poem Lotos eaters?

The speaker for this first part is an anonymous, third-person narrator type. We don’t learn much about who he is, or what his perspective on this whole crazy business is. At the same time, because of what comes after, his lack of personality really stands out.

What is divine despair?

The speaker says that, though their meaning is unknown, the tears originate from a divine despair (“divine” here implies a connection to godliness, to forces beyond our physical world) and travel through the heart into the eyes. The last two lines of this stanza describe the circumstances under which these tears rise.

How does The Lotos-Eaters end?

The rest of the poem is taken up by the sailors talking about how tired they are, and how, even though they miss their families and their home, it would just be too much work to get back there. Finally they decide to stay forever, relaxing and dreaming and eating Lotos until the day they die.

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