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What is the theme of The Rez Sisters?

What is the theme of The Rez Sisters?

The Rez Sisters explores the socially expected roles of women both in Wasy and off the reserve. Femininity and masculinity are often discussed among the seven sisters.

What does the toilet symbolize in the Rez Sisters?

In Conclusion Tomson Highway uses symbols such as bingo, Toronto, a stove and a toilet to represent the bad living conditions on the rez. He also uses the symbol of Nanabush to represent the loss of Indian culture on the rez.

What does bingo symbolize in the Rez Sisters?

Bingo represents the ultimate escape—more pathetic even in the case of the belles-soeurs whose rewards seem hardly worth getting worked up about (“plaster dogs, floor lamps”) than for the rez sisters, who are true gamblers at heart, always expecting the big jackpot that will take them out of their misery.

What is the plot of The Rez Sisters?

The plot follows the pattern of the journey motif. Seven women on the “Rez” share anger, laughter, hardship and gossip when they decide to go to Toronto for the world’s biggest bingo game. During the trip, one woman dies of cancer, and another wins $600, which she uses to install a new toilet in her home.

What means nanabush?

Definition. Nanabozo is a supernatural being of various Indigenous oral traditions. He is the embodiment of life, with the power to create life in others. In some Anishinaabe and Cree stories, Nanabozo is a main player in the creation of Turtle Island.

Who is the central character in the rez sister?


Main Characters Affliction
Annie Cook She lost her love, Eugene, to her own sister, Marie- Adele.
Emily Dictionary She was forced to flee and abandon her children after her abusive husband attempted to kill her with an axe. She is grieving the death of her lover, Rosie.

Why does Philomena want a toilet?

Philomena Moosetail She hopes to win enough money to buy a toilet that is “big and white and very wide.” Late in the play, she reveals that she once had to give up her child.

What is Pelajia doing at the beginning of the play The Rez Sisters?

Synopsis. The opening scene begins with Pelajia Patchnose nailing shingles on her roof on the fictional Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

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