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What is V rank in vAuto?

What is V rank in vAuto?

vAuto displays the vRank of every used vehicle in your inventory, telling you its competitive position against identical vehicles in your live market. Your vRank goes beyond price to assess your vehicle based on more detailed factors, like equipment level and odometer reading.

What is Stockwave from vAuto?

Stockwave provides stocking level recommendations based on your dealership’s sales velocity and target days supply. Search results are personalized based on your buying preferences.

What is vAuto used for?

ABOUT US. vAuto helps today’s leading dealers run better than the competition. With a live market view and powerful inventory management tools, vAuto is the software, the people and the vision you need to achieve record success in any market.

How much does vAuto cost per month?

about $1,595 per month
With RealDeal, vAuto empowers you to promote that sense of transparency – and fairness – to individual buyers or the whole marketplace. When purchased together, this suite costs about $1,595 per month is able to give dealerships analytics and resources that they typically wouldn’t be able to afford.

What app do car dealers use to value cars?

VINCUE is an all-in-one platform that allows dealers to access all of their appraisal, inventory, sourcing, and advertising data from a single dashboard.

Is vAuto a CRM?

Maximize your dealership’s utilization of the vAuto integration – and all other Connect CRM features – with regular consultations with your Performance Manager, you get a dedicated advisor with automotive retail expertise and partner in your dealership’s success.

Who invented the vAuto?

vAuto’s visionary founder, Dale Pollak, has published several books on his Velocity Method of Management®, and remains one of the leading authorities on automotive dealership management strategies. Pollak guides strategic product development and integration for vAuto as well as other Cox Automotive companies.

How much does VAuto cost per month?

Is VAuto owned by Cox?

When Cox Enterprises formed Cox Automotive in 2014, vAuto and its fellow AutoTrader companies became part of a family of more than 20 leading wholesale and retail automotive brands, with a shared vision of providing end-to-end solutions for dealers.

What is the provision app?

Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices. It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and Cameras. It offers the users full control over their devices including live view, playback and settings. It is secured against unwanted access, user friendly and intuitive for all users.

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