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What kind of fish are in Cold Stream Pond?

What kind of fish are in Cold Stream Pond?

About Cold Stream Pond Cold Stream Pond is a lake near Bangor. The most popular species caught here are Smallmouth bass, Lake trout, and Lake trout.

How many acres is Cold Stream Pond?

Cold Stream Pond is a 3,628-acre oligotrophic lake located in central Penobscot County in the towns of Enfield, Lincoln and Lowell. Maximum and mean depths are 112 feet and 40 feet, respectively.

What is the best fish to stock a pond with?

A typical pond stocking strategy for a warm-water pond would be 1,000-1,500 bluegills, 50-100 bass, and 50-200 catfish per acre. Many recreational pond owners, however, prefer to stock bluegills and catfish to increase the size and population of bass.

How do you stock a trout pond?

A one-acre pond with enough natural food to support 75 to 100 pounds of trout should be stocked with about 400 to 500 fingerlings if four ounce size fish are desired; 300 to 400 if five to six ounce fish are wanted; or 200 to 300 if seven or nine ounce fish are desired.

Can fish naturally appear in a pond?

This may sound a bit unbelievable at first, but it is true. Fish and other aquatic creatures may already be living in a fresh pond (or one that refills after being dry for a while), but you may not see them until some time after their formation.

How deep should trout pond be?

eight feet
Pond conditions dictate numbers and species of trout to stock. The average one acre pond with a depth of eight feet that stays full all summer with fresh water can generally support 300 trout.

How small of a pond can trout live in?

The minimum recommended depth for trout ponds is 3.66m or 12ft. However, sufficient depth does not guarantee survival over winter.

How do you tell if a body of water has fish in it?

The bobber will sit about 2 to 3 feet above the hook and bait and will go under water as a fish starts to bite the bait. if you notice the bobber moving around the water, chances are you have a fish. Turn the radar depth finder on as you move your boat through the water.

How did my pond get fish in it?

A pond that forms near other ponds may receive new fish from passing birds of prey dropping their catch. Similarly, fish roe that remains damp enough during a trip between ponds may wash off of the fur and feet of local animals as they move from pond to pond.

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