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What OPI color is bubble bath?

What OPI color is bubble bath?

bubbly PINK
Description. OPI Bubble Bath is a light bubbly PINK NAIL POLISH that makes for a sweet and simple manicure that is sure to complete just about any look.

How do you use an OPI Bubble Bath?

Start applying the polish at the center base of the nail, then pull the brush to the tip, repeating on the left and right sides of your nail bed, adding more polish to the brush if needed between swipes. Longer nails will require more polish and more dipping your brush into the bottle, so keep this in mind.

What Colour is bubble bath?

Bubble Bath by Tint – Pale greyish blue paint. Pop your worries away with this pale greyish blue, a colour you’re never too old to enjoy. Beautiful colour for the laundry.

Why does OPI nail polish bubble?

Nail polish can form bubbles when it is too old, too thick, or of poor quality. Another common mistake is to apply polish in excessively thick layers and not waiting long enough before applying another coat. Oil and moisture are common culprits.

What nail polish is similar to bubble bath?

OPI Bubble Bath & Zoya Sari look very similar. All pretty! 4 options tested by me personally with 2 coats each. OPI It’s a Girl became very bubblegummy with multiple coats but still pretty.

When did OPI Bubble Bath come out?

Bubble Bath is one of OPI’s most popular shades, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Since its debut in 2001 as a part of a Soft Shades Bridal collection, over 5 million bottles of Bubble Bath have been sold and counting.

Should you shake nail polish?

Nail artist Simcha Whitehill told Allure that shaking your nail polish bottle can lead to chipping. Shaking the bottle creates tiny pockets of air. These air bubbles can sometimes pop, leaving holes in your manicure. Whitehill suggests rolling the nail polish bottle between your hands instead.

Is OPI Bubble Bath opaque?

According to Instagram swatches, OPI’s A Clay In The Life gives off the same shade as Put It In Neutral, but with a much more opaque, not see through color, if that’s more your thing. These are perfect substitutes for OPI’s tried and true Bubble Bath, which is an in-between opaqueness of the two shades mentioned above.

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