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What plants do Baltimore checkerspot butterflies eat?

What plants do Baltimore checkerspot butterflies eat?

Secondary host plants, on which the caterpillars may feed when older, include viburnums and honeysuckles. Adult Baltimore Checkerspots reportedly nectar on a variety of plants, including Spreading Dogbane, Common Milkweed, and Black-eyed Susan.

Why is the Baltimore checkerspot endangered?

About the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly Unfortunately, their beauty is becoming rarer due to lost and degraded wetland habitats and plant species, which is why the scientists at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum are working hard to sustain them.

Is the Baltimore checkerspot endangered?

Not extinctBaltimore checkerspot / Extinction status

What do checkerspot caterpillars eat?

FEEDING: Adults feed on the nectar of a variety of plants associated with serpentine grasslands, including California goldfields, desert parsley, scytheleaf onion, false babystars, and intermediate fiddleneck.

What do common buckeye caterpillars eat?

weed plantain
Buckeye caterpillars are solitary and mostly feed on the weed plantain and on Gerardia, grown for its showy flowers. It also feeds on snapdragon, toadflax and other native weeds. Buckeye butterflies visit numerous weedy and ornamental flowers.

How long do checkerspot butterflies live?

four to eight weeks
Adult quino checkerspot butterflies live from four to eight weeks. The flight season occurs from mid-January to late April and peaks between March and April. The eggs hatch in about 10 days and the larvae begin to feed immediately.

Where do checkerspot butterflies live?

HABITAT: Bay checkerspot habitat exists on shallow, serpentine-derived soils, which support the plants on which the caterpillars feed. The butterfly’s primary host plant is the endangered dwarf plantain, but larvae also may live on purple owl’s clover or exerted Indian paintbrush.

Where do Bay checkerspot butterflies live?

San Francisco Bay region
The Bay checkerspot (Euphydryas editha bayensis) is a butterfly endemic to the San Francisco Bay region of the U.S. state of California.

What is the host plant for the common buckeye butterfly?

The favorite host plants of the Buckeye include snapdragon, gerardia, false foxglove, monkey flowers, plantains, ruellia and others. They can be found on a variety of nectar plants such as Zinnia, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, and others. Buckeyes also take fluids from mud and damp sand.

Why are Bay checkerspot butterfly endangered?

Like all butterflies, the Bay checkerspot is extremely vulnerable to pesticides, which contaminate its host plants and poison its larvae.

What does a common buckeye caterpillar eat?

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