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What solvent can be used to remove gutta-percha?

What solvent can be used to remove gutta-percha?

In clinical practice chloroform is the most effective and most widely used solvent for gutta-percha. Other solvents include refined orange oil, halothane, tetrachloroethylene and xylene.

What is gutta-percha solvent?

Gutta-percha solvents are used for both root canal filling and removal of root canal filling materials. A method is presented in which four gutta-percha solvents (chloroform, xylene, Endosolv-E, and orange terpenes) were compared for their effect on three brands of gutta-percha.

How do you use gutta-percha solvent?

1. Select the needed height and width of gutta-percha, put it to the GuttaSoft liquid for two seconds and insert into the earlier prepared, processed and dried root canal. 2. Instantly after that, the point really should be condensed together with the solvent-lubricated spreader (while the plasticity actually remains).

How do you remove percha from poorly condensed gutta?

If the existing gutta-percha points have been poorly condensed, it is often possible to negotiate a file, e.g. Hedstrom alongside, engage the gutta-percha with a quarter-turn clockwise action and remove it when the file is withdrawn.

Is gutta-percha soluble in water?

The solubility of gutta-percha (Dentsply) was as- sessed in xylol, orange oil, eucalyptol, chloroform and distilled water.

What method or methods have been used to successfully remove gutta-percha from root canals?

An important method to remove gutta percha, especially when the canal has been overextended vertically and underfilled laterally, is to utilize the hedstroem displacement technique. The gutta percha is first thermosoftened with heat and then a 35, 40, or 45 hedstroem file is passively rotated clockwise into this mass.

How do you soften gutta percha?

Chloroform rapidly softens gutta percha and, in conjunction with files, allows for the removal of gutta percha in a crown-down manner. With the canals filled with chloroform bath then paper points are utilized to wick residual gutta percha and sealers from the more inaccessible regions of the root canal system.

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