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What was happening in 1030?

What was happening in 1030?

King Stephen I pursues his forces, which are defeated and captured by the Hungarians at Vienna. July 29 – Battle of Stiklestad: King Olaf II Haraldsson (St. Olaf) attempts to reconquer Norway with help from King Anund Jakob of Sweden. He is defeated by a superior Norwegian peasant and Danish army (14,000 men).

What happened in the year 1052?

Battle of Haydaran: The Zirid dynasty is defeated by the invading Bedouin Arab tribes of the Banu Hilal.

What was happening in 1022?

1022 Putting people to death for heresy has begun in Europe, fourteen said to have been burned to death at the city of Orleans on order of the French king, Robert the Pious.

What events happened in 1011?


  • September 29 – Siege of Canterbury: Danish Viking raiders led by Thorkell the Tall pillage Canterbury after a siege, taking Ælfheah, archbishop of Canterbury, as a prisoner.
  • Byrhtferth, Benedictine monk of Ramsey Abbey, writes his Manual (Enchiridion) on the divine order of the universe and time.

What was happening in the year 1050?

Europe. Hedeby is sacked by King Harald III (Hardrada) of Norway, during the course of a conflict with Sweyn II of Denmark. King Anund Jacob dies after a 28-year reign. He is succeeded by his brother Emund the Old as king of Sweden.

What happened in the year 1053?

Europe. June 18 – Battle of Civitate: Norman horsemen (3,000 men), led by Humphrey of Hauteville, count of Apulia and Calabria, rout the combined forces under Pope Leo IX, in Southern Italy. The Normans destroy the allied Papal army and capture Leo, who is imprisoned (as a hostage for 8 months) in Benevento.

What happened in the year 1001?

1001 ± 40 years, Baitoushan volcano on what would be the Chinese-Korean border, erupts with a force of 6.5, the fourth largest Holocene blast. 1001, Mahmud of Ghazni, Muslim leader of Ghazni, begins a series of raids into Northern India; he finishes in 1027 with the destruction of Somnath.

What was going on in 1021 AD?

Europe. November – Emperor Henry II conducts his fourth Italian military campaign. He crosses the Brenner Pass with a 60,000-strong army and reaches Verona where he receives Lombard levies. Henry proceeds to Mantua and then into Ravenna to spend Christmas there.

What was going on in 1100 AD?

1106 AD Battle of Tinchebray- An English war of succession came to an end at the Battle of Tinchebray, in Normandy. It began with the death of William II, King of England on August 2nd, 1100.

What happened in the year 1417?

July 27 – Avignon Pope Benedict XIII is deposed, bringing to an end the Great Western Schism.

What happened in the year 1040?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Year 1040 ( MXL) was a leap year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar . Spring – Nikephoros Dokeianos, Byzantine governor of the Catepanate of Italy, is murdered by Lombard rebels at Ascoli.

What happened in the year 1040 in Macbeth?

Jul 10 In the year 1040 lady Godiva rides naked on horseback to force her husband, the Earl of Mercia, to lower taxes Aug 15 In the year 1040 king Duncan I is killed in battle against his first cousin and rival Macbeth.

What happened in 843 AD in Europe?

843 A.D. Treaty of Verdun is signed and divides the current Frankish Empire into 3 (east of Rhine, France and then Italy, Provence, Burgundy and Lorraine.) 844 A.D. The Picts are defeated by Kenneth MacAlpine (King of the Scots) and a new unified Scotland is established. 850 A.D.

What happened in 41 AD in the Bible?

41 A.D. Caligula is assassinated as a result of his extravagance and quest for unconstrained personal power. 43 A.D. London (Latin: Londinium) is established by the Romans. 45 A.D. Disciple (apostle) Paul begins his missionary works.

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