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What was the architectural style of the 1930s?

What was the architectural style of the 1930s?

The Art Deco style with its smoothly finished wall surfaces and distinctive ornamentation of chevrons, zigzags and other geometrical motifs, led to the development of a new, more streamlined, less ornamented style of architecture, the Moderne style of the 1930s.

What is the architectural style of Los Angeles?

Virtually any architectural style can be found in Los Angeles, although the ones most widely identified with the region are Spanish Mission Revival and Craftsman, as epitomized by the California bungalow.

What are LA style homes called?

Chateauesque, as its name suggests, is a grander and more formal look, borrowing from French medieval castle design. Large homes in this style often have round towers or square turrets surmounted with conical or pyramidal roofs. Arched or porthole windows and decorative door surrounds are standard.

When were most of the houses built in Los Angeles?

Between 1940 and 1989, Los Angeles built roughly 2.5 million new housing units. Construction reached record highs in the 1950s — with 724,477-units built — and then to plateaued in the following decades.

What period are 1930s houses?

The 1930s: A new era of owner-occupied homes There were approximately 4 million homes built between 1919 and 1930. Nearly 3 million of these were owner by the occupiers, an unprecedented change from the 750,000 of the early 1920s.

What is a California style house called?

California bungalow is an alternative name for the American Craftsman style of residential architecture, when it was applied to small-to-medium sized homes rather than the large “ultimate bungalow” houses of designers like Greene and Greene. California bungalows became popular in suburban neighborhoods across the …

What is a popular style of architecture in California?

Mission Revival The Mission Revival style is one of California’s most famous architectural styles. For instance, red clay tile roofing with a low pitch, plain stucco exteriors, and arches characterize this style, which evolved from old missions.

Are there Victorian houses in LA?

By the late 1960, all the Victorian homes on Bunker Hill were moved or razed. A high concentration of Victorian-era homes still survive along Carroll Street in Angelino Heights. Architecture and history lovers can take a walking tour (from the Los Angeles Conservancy) among the well-preserved houses.

What types of houses were built in the 1930s?

Houses tended to be in semi-detached pairs, and owned rather than rented. The typical house of the 1930s was generally smaller than those before 1914. It had a front room off a hall, a second living room at the rear and a kitchen.

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