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What week is Senior Week in Ocean City?

What week is Senior Week in Ocean City?

June 11 – June 18: There is an additional 11% sales tax to be added to the total price. All guests MUST be at least 17 years of age. Guests under the age of 18 years must call to receive a parental permission letter ((800) 638-3244). All guests must provide approved identification at the time of check-in.

How long is Senior Week in Ocean City MD?

Early June in Ocean City is known for “Senior Week” – a summer kick-off event for high school graduates celebrating the gap between high school and college. Bay Club is available to guests age 18 and above for a maximum of 7 nights starting Friday, June 3rd.

How do I plan a Senior Week?

Here’s our guide to surviving Senior Week:

  1. Be smart when you’re packing – especially your food and drinks.
  2. Call your parents before they call you.
  3. If you’re under 21, don’t drink.
  4. Never go off by yourself.
  5. Stay hydrated.
  6. Have fun.

How old do you have to be to get a hotel room in Ocean City?

at least 18 years old
“We do not require a parent signature, but everyone in the room must be at least 18 years old and show a valid ID upon check-in. We also require an Under 21 Contract be reviewed and signed by all staying in the room in addition to a $500 security deposit.

What is H2O in Ocean City Maryland?

Ocean City Teen Dance Club Welcome to H2O, the only Under 21 Teen Night Club in Ocean City, Maryland. We are located just off the Boardwalk on Worcester St. in downtown Ocean City. Enjoy our nightly parties all summer long! Be sure not to miss our infamous foam nights and weekly theme parties.

Are senior trips a thing?

Senior Week (also known as Beach Week, Senior Trip, or Grad Week) is a week where recently graduated high school and college seniors in the United States, mainly from the East Coast and the South go to the beach to spend time with their friends.

What is beach week like?

Beach Week is when high school and college students flock to a shore somewhere, usually on the East Coast, for days of often debauched behavior in May and June. Everybody knows that drinking is beyond heavy, sex is frequent and drugs are in abundance. Yet less attention is paid to the parents who enable the behavior.

What happens at beach week?

How do I make a senior year special?


  1. Go to EVERY home football game.
  2. Join a club.
  3. Go to homecoming.
  4. Take a trip with your best friends.
  5. Write a time capsule letter.
  6. Go to a pep rally.
  7. Do a senior prank.
  8. Participate in Spirit Week.

How old do you have to be to rent a condo in Ocean City Maryland?

18 years old
How old do I have to be to make a reservation? One has to be 18 years old to make a reservation in his/her name.

How old do you have to be to check into a hotel room in Maryland?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Hotel Room in Maryland? Legally, you can get a hotel room from the age of 18 in Maryland. However, hotels can set their own policy and most have a minimum check-in age of 21.

How much does it cost to get into H2O in Ocean City?

$20 per person
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ENTER H2O? Regular admission is $20 per person. You can find a discount coupon off the full price admission on our website. Prices may vary based on weekly or special events.

What is an h20 party?

H2O Party. South Africa’s iconic daytime 2 night time dance music festival. Making waves since 1999!

What should I bring on a senior trip?

Here is a list that will be a good starting point for senior travel when packing for a trip….Packing List.

notebook pen or pencil camera
jacket nightgown underwear
socks shirts swimsuit
t-shirt (for cover-up flip flops zipper sandwich bags
detergent-small bottle hat sandwiches

What are beaches?

A beach is a narrow strip of land separating a body of water from inland areas. Beaches are usually made of sand, tiny grains of rocks and minerals that have been worn down by constant pounding by wind and waves.

What do people do on senior night?

Senior Night is usually held at the final home game, meet or match of the season. Players are announced individually and enter the stadium, or walk onto the field or court, escorted by their family.

How do you celebrate the first day of senior year?


  1. Celebrate the Beginning of the Year or Semester. Last First Day Pictures. Make a Wish for Senior Year with Sky Lanterns.
  2. Find Reasons to Celebrate the Small Stuff.
  3. Senior Night for Athletic Teams.
  4. ★ Prom and Homecoming ★
  5. Senior Portraits and Pictures. Custom Photo Collages.
  6. GRADUATION! Graduation Announcements.

How old do you have to be to stay in a hotel in Maryland?

How many condos are in Ocean City MD?

How many condos are there in Ocean City? With 2043 to choose from, there are condos in Ocean City for every traveler, budget, and journey.

Can I check into a hotel if someone else paid for it?

You can book a hotel room for someone else using your credit card, as long as you list that person as the guest when booking. The person whose hotel room you book with your credit card will need to provide photo ID when checking in, along with a credit card that has their name on it for incidentals.

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