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When was the Georgia Theatre built?

When was the Georgia Theatre built?

Georgia Theatre opened as a music venue in 1978, but spent a few years in the early 1980s operating sporadically as a movie house. It was reopened as a music venue in 1989 and has since hosted many of the major touring acts that come through the state….Georgia Theatre.

Current use Live Music Venue

When did the GA theater burn down?

June 19, 2009
However, on June 19, 2009, just two years after Swift’s performance, the venue burned after a fire erupted in the theater causing the roof to collapse and the integrity of the building to be destroyed.

Who owns the Georgia Theater?

Owners Wilmot Greene, Scott Orvold, and Randy Smith sold the Theatre to a Georgia investment and real-estate group Agon Sports & Entertainment, run by developers Jeff Eiseman (Augusta GreenJackets) and Chris Schoen (Greenstone Properties, Barry Real Estate).

Who owns the Georgia Theater Athens?

Scott Orvold, Drew Beskin and Wilmot Greene at the Georgia Theatre. Agon Group and a team of investors on Tuesday closed their purchase of the iconic music venue Georgia Theatre in Athens from Wilmot Greene, Scott Orvold and Randy Smith.

How many people does the Georgia Theatre hold?

1,000Georgia Theatre / Capacity (over)

How many people does the Georgia Theater hold?

Who owns Variety Playhouse?

Agon Sports and Entertainment
Variety Playhouse

Owner Agon Sports and Entertainment
Capacity 1,000
Opened October 2, 1940
Venue Website

Who owns the Tabernacle in Atlanta?

promoter Live Nation Entertainment
The Tabernacle is a mid-size concert hall located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Opening in 1911 as a church, the building was converted into a music venue in 1996. It is owned and managed by concert promoter Live Nation Entertainment and has a capacity of 2,600 people.

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